Time to say goodbye (Henry Gold IM Farewell)

This morning, I was slapped with
the reality that we are going to lose
an 18-year Internet Marketing Veteran
who has sold millions of dollars on
the Internet. His message to me was
very subtle.

He said that… “I want you to live
the limitless life”.

When I heard this statement, I was just
thinking why did he give me this message
instead of talking about his brain tumor.

However, when I think deeper, I realize
that Henry wants me to keep keep his legacy
on whether he survives the surgery or not
this October 17, 2017. This is the reason
why he decided to giveaway all the source
codes, the products, software, bonus
templates. high-ticket scripts that I used
to close $2,5000, $5,000, $7,500, or even
$25,000, 500+ video tutorials, premium
software, unfinished projects that he paid
to consult with high-paying consultant which
will generate over $2,000,000 per year
business and much more.

Basically, you will receive EVERY tools,
resources, and even ROLODEX that allows him
to build a $300,000 per year business.

In fact, here’s some of the elements inside
the retirement package:

PART I: You’ll Own The Source Codes of All
26 Done-For-You Funnel System Where You Will
Have Instant Cash to Your PayPal — You don’t
need to create The products. They are all
DONE-FOR-YOU. You just need to make cash from
them or you can even slap your name and start
making money from these high-demand products
right away. (Value: $26,000)

PART II: You’ll Own The Source Codes of All
57 Done-For-You High-Converting Sales Letter
of Front-End and Back-End Offers Where They
Convert Between 10% to 40% Sales Ratio on The
Front-End and Up to 75% on The Back-end. —
You don’t need to write your own sales copies.
NOTE: You will just slap your name and start
making money from These products right away.
(Value: $57,000)

PART III: You’ll Own The Source Codes of All
26 Done-For-You Joint Venture Pages. These are
The Exact Affiliate Pages We Have Crafted to
Make Sure That It Will Give You The Highest
Conversion on Recruiting The Partners For Your
Own Launch. — NOTE: All These 26 pages have
given us millions of visitors to our launches.
The best part is… You just need to slap your
own name. (Value: $13,000)

PART IV: You’ll Own 200+ Done-For-Your Affiliate
Swipe Files You Can Use to Motivate Affiliate
to Send You Free Traffic. — This will include
regular JV promo tools, JV Invite letters, JV
update letters, personal invite letters, FB
messenger invites, exclusive invitation invites,
and much more. Further, you will also receive
hundreds of banners that you can modify as you
wish. Basically, you have everything you need
to get partners to give you free traffic. (Value: $5,600)

PART V: You’ll Own 1,500+ Email Swipe Files
I’ve Been Using to Generate Six-Figure Per Year
NET profit By Promoting Affiliate Product. —
These swipes have been proven & tested to generate
six-figure per year for three years. In fact,
you will know which products I promote as I will
show you as it is. This allows you COPY-N-PASTE
my campaign that I did or modify them as you
wish. (Value: $45,000)

PART VI: You’ll Own All The Source Codes of 15
Proven & Tested Bonus Page Templates We Used on
Each Launch to Boost The Sales Conversion From
7% – 8% to Over 15% or Higher. — In addition,
you will also receive the BONUSES we provide to
each client. This allows you to sell them as
it is. (Value: $15,000)

PART VII: You’ll Own All The Source Codes of
17 Raw Bonus Page Templates We Used in Getting
Up to 50% Sales Conversion on Each Affiliate
Products That We Promote Regardless The Products.
— We have tested these bonus pages and won
many affiliate contests and generated thousands
of dollars on revenue in as little as 48 hours.
This will include the affiliate swipe files that
we used to sell those products! (Value: $34,000)

PART VIII: You’ll Receive Access to All 57
Premium Products. This will Include FB marketing,
LinkedIn Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Affiliate
Marketing, Snapchat Marketing, FB Live Marketing,
JVZoo Crusher, Email Marketing, PLR marketing,
Blog Marketing, Joint Venture Marketing, Big Money
Blueprint, Small List Big Profit, and Much More.
Basically, you will own every product that I have.
PERIOD. (Value: $5,700)

PART IX: You’ll Also Receive 300+ Auto-Responder
Emails You Can Use, Edit, and Modify to Build
Powerful Relationship With Your Audience as well
as Selling Affiliate Products. — They have been
tested to build powerful relationship with your
audience. Yes, you will even know what I promote
on each email I send out! (Value: $3,000)

PART X: You’ll Also Receive The Source Code of
All 100+ Lead Hoover Pages on Various Niches. —
You can customize them. You can modify them. You
can use them as it is. Each lead hoover pages have
been designed to give you a higher than usual opt-in
rate. In addition, some of the squeeze pages we
use has even converted more than 75% opt-in rate.
So, they are all yours. (Value: $20,000)

PART XI: You’ll Also Receive The Source Codes of
All SIX Strategy Session Pages and Thank You Pages,
I use to Close Clients at The Price of $2,500 to
$3,500 in 30 Minutes. — In addition, you can
modify the page, send the info to your email or
any email addresses of your choice, as well as
utilizing the redirection pages where it will help
you to reduce missing appointments. (Value: $2,500)

PART XII: You’ll Also Receive 30-Minute Phone
Call Scripts I’ve Been Using For More Than Nine
Years to Keep Closing Clients at The Price of
$2,500, $3,500, and All The Way to $10,500 a Pop.
— This is The ONLY script I have been using to
close any clients of my choice by just talking
with them for 30 minutes. (Value: $50,000)

I can go on and on all the features you will
receive from Henry Gold’s IM Farewell package
and if I have to describe it with one sentence,
it will be you will receive…. EVERYTHING.

However, there is a catch.

It is something that NO one wants to hear
about this at all. In fact, I call this
a bad news especially for those of you
who don’t get the package on time.

You got to be the first 500 people who
grab this package on Friday, September 29,
2017 at 9 AM EST.

= = = = = = =
= = = = = = =
You see, with his caliber, there is no
reason for Henry to retire especially
he worked with some of the top marketers
in the industry especially he is making
$250,000 per year and on his way to grow
it to $2,000,000 per year.

This is WHY Henry has to limit the number
of sales ONLY to the a maximum of 500 copies.
It also means that once all 500 copies are
taken, they will be off the market as Henry
has to focus on his health sitution:

= = = = = = =
= = = = = = =
Since this is a farewell package, Henry
will make sure that all his friends will
promote including myself.

In fact, I can even count that it will
sell beyond 1,000 copies in days. — Of
course, Henry will ONLY limit to 500
people as he wants to make sure that
he benefits ONLY a group of action takers
before he leaves the Internet Marketing
scene for good.

As you are more than ready, go ahead and
grab your package right now at:

>> http://www.reedfloren.com/henrygoldfarewell
(Get the package now. 500 copies only.)

…And, I will see you at the top.

Success is YOURS,
Reed Floren
P.S. You are one of 1,000,000 people who
will read this message. So, it is important
for you to grab this ONCE-IN-A-LIEFTIME
package that allows you to build your
business to the next level at:

>> http://www.reedfloren.com/henrygoldfarewell
(Get the package now. 500 copies only.)

This allows you to continue on Henry’s
legacy where you can work less, make more,
and enjoy the lifestyle you truly desire.

Go for it.

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