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A quick glance of SimplyViral:

It’s a cloud based app that lets you
create, schedule and publish viral
content on your Facebook pages and
groups on autopilot, and sources trending
and most engaging content from 7 top
viral content sites Reddit, YouTube,
UpWorthy, Telegraph, BuzzFeed,
ViralNova, Little Things and also from
Google and YouTube most trending

Why one should get it now?

# You can easily get viral and trending

# You can also pull in content from other
pages you follow or like on Facebook.

# You can schedule your posts to get
posted later on.

# You can manage your pages from right
inside the dashboard.

# You can manage the groups and also can
search for new groups.

It’s something you don’t want to miss:

# You can get more content by pulling posts
from all other pages you’ve liked and post in
your pages with just a few clicks.

# SimplyViral is the only app that publishes
engaging content that gets you more

# It automatically creates viral content.

# Sources content from world’s top 7 viral
content websites.

# Pick the content you want, modify it or
schedule to post later.

The conclusion:

With SimplyViral, you can be sure of getting
your content viral on Facebook because here
you’re getting the content from top viral content
getting site. Also you can pick the best content
from the most trending trending content of
YouTube and Google.

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Reed Floren

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