[MYTH] Hard work pays off, right? Nope. Here’s why

From the most trusted people we know (our parents) to the strangest stranger, everybody would tell us that ‘hard work pays off’

They say things like ‘you have to pay your dues to get to the top.’

Sadly, that’s one of the biggest myths  perpetuated Society the society preventing people from becoming financially free.

If you think about it… Who works more?
A- Employee at the lowest level of the company
B- CEO of the company

Of course the employee works way more than the CEO. (way more)

But who makes the most money? Bingo. It’s the CEO.

My friend Jonas Lindgren did not know that. So he believed what society told him and tried to work hard and ‘pay his dues’ to become wealthy. He worked long nights and crazy hours to make it work. That left him miserable and without any of the money society promised him if he became a work-slave.

Now Jonas never sets up an alarm clock. Sometimes he stays up or sleeps in. And he’s got total time and location freedom. He can travel where he wants, when he wants and do what he wants. You can imagine, he likes what he does.

Being so lazy, Jonas decided not to put in more than 2-4 hours a week into his business. This very minimal time input makes him a realistic 1.5k a month in passive income. If I were him I’d put in way more hours, but he learned his lesson.

Laziness DOES pay off. Jonas is the biggest proof. And you definitely can make money even if you are lazy.
Lindgren’s Lazy Method eliminates the hard work out of making money, and allows you to cash-in on your laziness.

If you have 2-4 hours this week, you can turn it into a passive 1.5k per month.

Get Lindgren’s Lazy Method here

I wanted to tell you about this because I thought it was so interesting myself. I never thought that my lazy nature could pay off this well. I’ve been told all of those hard work myths myself for the longest time. This guy has just proved all of them wrong and honestly gave me an epiphany moment right now.

Here’s to the lazy money,

Reed Floren


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