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A quick review of SimplyViral:

With SimplyViral, you can get the most viral
content from 7 top viral sites Reddit, YouTube,
UpWorthy, Telegraph, BuzzFeed, ViralNova,
Little Things, & post to both your groups and
fanpages with ease. You can schedule these
posts as well.

Also SimplyViral has the ability to search, post
and schedule the most trending content via
Google Trends & YouTube Trends.

Nothing is better than this!

# It automatically creates viral content.

# Publish content on Fanpages and groups.

# It sources content from world’s top 7 viral
content sites.

# Fully editable images and videos.

# You can add watermarks and filters to your

# You can content you want, modify it and use

So it doesn’t gets easier than this to succeed:

# No need to create content.

# No need to pay for ads.

# No need to slave over SEO.

# Without any private JV deals.

# No need to waste hours on thinking what to

Facebook is a much better medium for making
your videos go viral because:

# There’s more engagement on Facebook.

# Facebook is made for viral videos

# There’s less competition on Facebook.

# Facebook videos get 8 billion views per

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Reed Floren

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