Who is the boss of your goal setting, record tracking and time management?

It would seem at first glance, that Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD and positive thinking have nothing to do with the other. Many individuals with ADD develop patterns of negative thinking, since they become frustrated by their various challenges and feelings of being frequently overwhelmed. This type of negativity makes everything much harder to manage challenges and move forward.

People with ADD can focus on their strengths and accomplishments, when they practice positive thinking, which can increase motivation and happiness. This allows them to spend more time making progress, rather than feeling depressed and stuck. Here are some practical tips you can use in order to shift yourself into patterns of positive thinking.

– Take Proper Care of Yourself

When you are eating properly, exercising and getting enough rest, it is much easier to be positive.

– What Are You Grateful For?

Stress and challenges are not as bad, when you remember to consider those things you are grateful for, simply taking about 60 seconds daily to appreciate these good things makes a big difference in your life.

– Look for the Proof Rather than Making Assumptions

Many times fear of not being accepted leads us to assumptions about what someone else may be thinking, however our fears are generally unfounded in reality. When you fear that a bad mood of someone else is because of anything you may have done, or that you are being gossiped about, you should ask them, rather than wasting your time fretting over what you may have done, unless you have proof of some wrongdoing.

– Refrain from Using Absolutes

Telling someone something like, You never call me, or You are always late, this is thinking and speaking in absolutes. Absolutes such as, never and always will only make the situation worse, while it programs your mind into actually believing that specific individuals are incapable of delivering.

– Detach From Any Negative Thoughts

If you do not judge your thoughts, they cannot hold any power over you. When you recognize having negative thoughts, detach from them, acknowledge them, however, do not follow them.

– Squash the “ANTs”

Doctor Daniel Amen, talks about ANTs in his book, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life”. ANTs are Automatic Negative Thoughts. Unyielding negative thoughts, such as, ‘People are laughing at me’ or ‘It must be bad, if the boss wants to seem me’. Upon noticing these negative thoughts, recognize them as ANTs and then squash them.

– Practice Loving, Touching and Squeezing On Your Friends and Family

It does not take an expert to realize the benefits of a great hug. One instant boost comes for positive physical contact with, family, friend and pets. A research study, shows that a waitress touching some of her customers on the arm while handing them there checks, received higher tips from these individuals than from those she did not touch.

– Increasing Social Activity

Increasing social activity, decreases loneliness, therefore you should surround yourself with happy, healthy people, since positive energy is contagious.

– Help Others or Volunteer for an Organization

Helping makes everyone feel great, volunteer your time, resources or money. The more positive energy you send out in to the world, the more will return to you.

– Resist Rumination With Pattern Interrupts

Rumination are negative thoughts on overdrive and they are never productive, since that are not solution oriented or rational, merely excess worry or doubts. When you find yourself in rumination, you can resist them by applying pattern interrupts and doing something different. For instance, change you physical environment, take a walk outside or sit under a tree, read a book, turn on some music or call a friend.

Protocol is the creed of the corporate world. Understanding the requirements are the basics of productivity, however interaction and keeping a calm mind makes up the entirety of true productivity. Although, they are uncommon, there are individuals who work well under pressure, however, we are all imperfect humans. Succumbing to stress and depression, never solves a problem. Clothing yourself in courage, while admitting you may be turning yourself into a workaholic may be easier than telling yourself you are not doing the best you can.