Now that the funeral is over and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things I figured it was time for me to write up my thoughts on the 2009 Marketers Cruise.

My trip started on Wednesday January 7th 2009 when I boarded my plane from Minneapolis which took me to Detriot and then Fort Lauderdale. From Detriot to For Lauderdale we had some very nasty turbolence and I’m sure glad this wasn’t my first plane expierence because I would have rented or bought a vehicle to get back home.

Once we got to Fort Lauderdale I had the hotel send a shuttle to pick me up and they brought me to the Sheraton down there where I ended up getting a bite to eat and meeting a few people before calling it a day.

Thursday January 8th our group took a few coach busses over to the dock where we boarded the Carnival Miracle later that day we set sail.

The next two days we had various mastermind sessions and we all got to know each other a bit better. Our group consisted of 267 guests on the cruise which is a really good percentage of the ship probably around 10%. Even during the 8 days I still didn’t meet everyone in the group.

On our port days we did St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Tortola & I ended up going to Virgin Gorda to see The Baths.

At those ports we checked out some of the stores and would go on tours of the islands.

Here’s a slide show of some of my photographs

The last few days of the trip we did more mastermind sessions and I did a few interviews; this is a fantastic way to have a really relaxed business trip and develop life long friendships which can truly make a difference in your bottom line.

In case you haven’t been on a cruise ship before I highly recommend going on them. This is my 2nd cruise and I really enjoy them. Cruising is fun because cruise ships have….

24/7 complimentary meals
Las Vegas Style shows
Hot Tubs
Swimming Pools
Lots of drinking opportunities
Frankly something for everyone

In fact I’m signed up for the next marketers cruise and we are going to be hitting up Belize and Mexico which should be a ton of fun.

I hope to see you next year as I plan on doing my own group on the next Marketer’s Cruise.