3 Things All Affiliate Marketers Need To Survive & Thrive Online

Every affiliate marketer out there is on the lookout for ways to increase the size of their paycheck. They may believe that there is some sort of magical recipe out there which will make this happen for them. In reality, it is far more complicated than this. Success in affiliate marketing consists of employing the same kinds of good marketing practices which have been in use forever, as well as a good measure of hard work and dedication to the business.

There are some tactics which lend themselves especially well to marketing online and work quite well in the affiliate marketing field too. These three top marketing tactics will let you increase sales and make it in the fiercely competitive world that is affiliate marketing online.

So… What are these three tactics?

1. Use a different, unique website to promote each product or service you are marketing. Don’t put it all on one site to save a few dollars on web hosting fees. This looks unprofessional and you will see far better results by having a separate page for each product or service.

You should always incorporate reviews of the product so that visitors to the site can get some kind of idea what this product or service can do for them. Testimonials from users who have tried the product and like it are also immensely helpful. Make sure that any customers you want to have testimonials by have given their permission to use their names and pictures on your website for the product you are marketing.

Another good technique is to write articles which focus on the products and their uses. Put these on your website as well, but give them their own page. Every page on your site should be attractive and interesting in its own right and include an invitation to the reader to act on the offer you are providing to them. Every headline should make readers want to know more; or perhaps buy right away. Highlight especially important points; this helps readers quickly understand what the page is trying to convey to them.

2. Offer free reports to your readers. If this is feasible, place these at the side of your page near the top so that a visitor cannot miss them. Write autoresponder messages to send out to people who opt-in to your mailing list. As you may know from marketing 101 (if you ever took the class), a sale is usually closed on the seventh contact with a prospective buyer.

There are two things which can happen when someone visits your page: you may close a sale or have a prospect navigate away from your page, never to be seen again. If you can get useful information to these prospects via email, they will be reminded of that product or service they saw on your site and possibly return to buy later. The content of these emails should focus on the positives of the product without coming off as an out-and-out sales pitch.

You should make the case to your reader that the product or service will make their lives easier. Always use compelling subject lines in any email communication with prospects. Try to avoid the word “free” in the subject line – some older spam filters which are still in use will filter out email which contains this word.  Try to convince people who sign up for your free reports that they are losing out by not taking advantage of their products or services.

3. Get traffic which is targeted to your product. If someone visits your site and is not interested in what you have to offer, these will be the visitors who stop by once and never return. You should submit articles to e-zines and e-reports which will contain links to your site. Look for such publications which focus on your target market; your content might catch their eyes.

You should try to put together at least two 300-600 word articles each week. By keeping new content coming, you can get as many as 100 targeted visitors to your site in a single day.

Keep in mind that you will only get a sale out of about 1% of your visitors. If you can get a thousand targeted hits, you can make as many as ten sales in a day on average.

These tactics may not sound all that complicated; and in truth, they are not – but they will take a little of your time and require a little effort from you.

Use these techniques for several different affiliate marketing campaigns. You can get a great revenue stream and make it in this business – not all affiliate marketers manage to make it, but by using these tips, you can.

Besides, there are those huge paychecks to think about.


  • alex

    Reply Reply September 4, 2008

    Just wondering, did you outsource your blog posts? The structure of your post looks very “article” and it seems like it’s written by somebody else.

    No offence. Just an opinion from me. 🙂

  • Paul

    Reply Reply September 4, 2008

    Hi Reed,

    Great post with some succinct yet important points for anyone wanting to make a go of it with affiliate marketing online.

    I appreciate all your tips and information!

    Best regards,

  • admin

    Reply Reply September 4, 2008

    @Alex I give them something to go off of and then they craft it. My writing style is very similar to how the final product is

    @Paul thank you 🙂

  • Liz Nichols

    Reply Reply September 4, 2008

    Whether one outsources or does all the content oneself, the point is well-taken. Content is king.

    Good post.

    Liz N.

  • Norm

    Reply Reply September 4, 2008

    Hi, Reed,

    Thanks for Your invitation to respond.

    Yes, Affiliate Marketing.
    Here’s an irony, I find:

    Many Gurus advocate highly creative (and Very time-consuming) activities for those of us who just want to facilitate simpler elements of Technological Internet Marketing as Affiliates.
    Is this just part of the old “Mushroom Technique” : … ‘bury them in BS, and keep ’em
    in the dark?


    Norm J. Abbott

    Here’s one Who offers the Best of the Best:


    PS: Hope You don’t find this too blatant, but it’s true.

  • admin

    Reply Reply September 4, 2008

    @Liz Agreed content is king. Also some other points to those who may not like that I outsource. 1. Newspapers aren’t written by one person they are produced by a team of writers and editors 2. If anyone here read the 4 hour work week this is what Tim would say to do because there are people who are better at things than you and this frees up your time to do what you enjoy.

  • admin

    Reply Reply September 4, 2008

    @Norm if I were to start over from scratch I’d make an info product to give away, create a squeeze page and create a one time offer for a product that goes in more depth then I would recruit JV’s and affiliates and build my list. Once I’d have the list again I’d mail out to them and convince them to invest into themselves.

  • Esther Ossai

    Reply Reply September 4, 2008

    Thanks for your co-operation.pls send some names or Email addresses to Awaber since then they have not received any message.

  • Esther Ossai

    Reply Reply September 4, 2008

    I mean that i send two Email addresses to Awaber but they have not even received a welcome message. The Email addresses are olorire-saheed@yahoo.com/ engineershaddy@gmail.com

  • Jeff Bode

    Reply Reply September 4, 2008

    Good advice, I have been using a similar method and have been successful. This method brings targeted search engine traffic as well.

  • William Beck

    Reply Reply September 4, 2008

    Hi Reed,
    I have been learning more and more about what to do to increase
    traffic to my site. Back linking is time consuming but a person can
    do searches and see results. The one thing that I have not done
    yet is article writing. Hoping to break that barrier SOON!
    Good Subject!
    Willy B

  • admin

    Reply Reply September 5, 2008

    @Ester I’m not sure what’s wrong?

    @Jeff thank you

    @William you’re right you can see results from it, good point.

  • Trevor

    Reply Reply September 5, 2008

    I am new to affiliate marketing and appreciate blogs like yours. It will definitely help speed up the learning curve.

  • Damji Dharamshi

    Reply Reply September 5, 2008

    Good Advise but it is difficult to me to write

  • admin

    Reply Reply September 5, 2008

    @Trevor I’m glad it helps 🙂

  • TrudyVan

    Reply Reply September 5, 2008

    Hi there Reed

    Like a said before, I really think you supple great quality posts to your blog readers

    See you on twitter
    Kindest regards

  • rick

    Reply Reply September 5, 2008

    Hey Reed,
    I am glad to finaly see someone that is trying
    to get the word out without totaly confusing every issue. I get alot of questions on a multitude of subjects and I know how hard it is to keep it simple.Keep up the good work.Rick

  • admin

    Reply Reply September 5, 2008

    @TrudyVan thank you

    @Rick thank you, feel free to send those with questions to any of these posts which may help them.

  • Jussi Koiranen

    Reply Reply September 8, 2008

    Very useful post! Web would need more articles and reviews about products sold exclusively online

  • admin

    Reply Reply September 8, 2008

    @Jussi I agree thanks.

  • sondaj

    Reply Reply September 16, 2008

    Thank you for your post it is valuable information for me

  • admin

    Reply Reply September 23, 2008

    @sondaj you are welcome.

  • Great important points, very valuable information.

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