The importance of articles on websites and internet based companies, today are boundless. They are essential to drive traffic to a site to bring about success. Articles are a key element for making profit on the site. A wise webmaster, has the good sense to include articles in their site that will aid them in creating the benefits and income they seek.

Articles have the ability to drive traffic to your website. Articles can create a higher ranking in the search engine results. The higher a site ranks, the more traffic will visit the site. Of course, there is more potential for profits for other income generating schemes as well.

This does not mean you will overstuff your website with articles, since they have certain requirements. You must adhere to these requirements to achieve the maximum benefits from the articles on your website. A well written article can catch the interest of you clients and have them coming back for more. They can also recommend your site to others.

Here you will find some tips to assist you in writing better articles. There are four things all articles require to be successful in helping you make a profitable income and drive traffic to your website.

– Keywords and Keyword Phrases

You must always center your articles around keywords and keyword phrases. When a visitor visits your site, they may just browse around, without really looking for anything particular. This happens when someone uses the search engines and types in their keywords. These might be anything from Meningitis, Tax Lawyer, Toyota Camry to any number of things.

It is essential that you have included keywords in your article that relate to your site. For instance, if you have an auto parts site, you must have articles about vehicles and their parts. You will find an abundance of online tools to help you determine what keywords and keyword phrases are most sought after. You can use this tool to find out what keywords to use and include in your articles.

– Keyword Density

You must fully use your keywords and keyword phrases. For a search engine to pick up you site, you will need a good keyword density. In order for search engines to give you a high ranking in their search results, articles will need about 10 – 15% keyword density. Articles can help you get a high ranking.

Keyword density is the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase is used throughout an article. The number of course, will vary on the word count of the article. To be effective, an article must have a keyword density that is neither too high or too low. When the density is too high, the essence of the article will be lost and can be a turn off for your reader as well as the search engines, because it seems overeager. Meanwhile, a low density may be ignored by both the search engines and the readers.

– Good Article Content

Never riddle your articles with keywords, since they must be regarded as good reading material. They must provide good information that will help the needs of others while also being entertaining. Always use good grammar and spelling when writing your articles. In order for customers to trust you, you will need to work well through out your article. People generally respond well to facts, figures and statistics. Learn all the great facts and information you can. A well written article can boost your reputation as an expert in your chosen topic or field, as more people begin to believe in you. In this way they will also be able to trust you and the products you sell.

– Linking Articles

Another essential, especially when you submit articles to newsletters, ezine and other online sites, you must include a link back to your website. You can create a small resource box with a brief description of your website and place it directly after your articles for submission. People who like your articles will more than likely click on your link and go to your website.