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Now, every affiliate marketer and internet marketer knows that without traffic, it really does not matter if your website is designed by a $300/hour graphics designer or have the most stylish flash animations. But the trouble is, not every marketer can afford paid advertising such as the most popular Pay-Per-Click (PPC). And even if they do, setting up a profitable PPC campaign as in the case of Google Adwords is no child’s play. Secondly, every marketer should have a whole arsenal of traffic driving tools and methods instead of just relying on one lifeline.

The truth is, there are several effective ways to drive targeted traffic without having to resort to expensive PPC. The quality of the traffic is good, and sometimes even better than paying for clicks.

So what are they?

1. Article Marketing

Article marketing works great! Firstly, it is free. Secondly, you can attract targeted traffic when your articles get ranked within Google for the specific target keywords that you know your prospects are searching. You see, getting a top spot on the left side (organic search results) of Google is as valuable as getting a top spot on the right (sponsored listings via Adwords). But the difference is it is free!

Using an article directory like EzineArticles, you can target specific, low competition keywords (aka long tail keywords) and rank within days, sometimes hours.

2. Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is another powerful free traffic driving technique. The key lies in using a catchy signature like “Learn How To Convert 60% Of Your Visitors Into Your Subscribers!”, or “How I Earned $471 From Writing 1 Article!” But make sure the claims are real.

Participate daily in at least 10 forums related to your niche. Always go where your prospects are. I have received many testimonials from my readers of how they successfully got their first sales in the products they are marketing. Not only will you get traffic, you will also get some quality backlinks to your

Did you know that starting a new thread on a topic, with a targeted keyword can possibly get your forum thread to rank within Google and get you instant targeted traffic within hours? DigitalPoint is a good place to start for marketers.

3. Classified Advertisement Sites

There are expert marketers who purely target free classified advertisement sites to drive traffic to their offers. Among the favorites are examples like Craigslist, BackPage and USFreeAds.

The typical setup looks like this: the marketer sets up an advertisement and leaves a contact email address, typically Gmail. The email address is actually set up with an auto-reply that contains a link to the sales page or website. So, when their prospects send an email requesting for information, the auto-reply will send the email automatically. It is quite hands-off once the system is set up properly. Hint: This method words great for the dating niche.

4. Community-Based Marketing Avenues

This refers to the new Web 2.0 social marketing communities like FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter. Even YouTube and other video sites count as part of this category. The beauty of such community-based marketing avenues lies in the huge audience.

Millions of searches and viewers get onto these sites. And these are real-life audience! A good YouTube video can get lots of viewers. If you remember “The World’s First Bionic Burger” that got over 1.4 million views. See the YouTube video here:

This video webpage is a PR 5! And it has made hundreds of thousands of dollars for the creator who sells health-related products.

There are other successful stories of underground marketers who netted huge subscriber lists by using FaceBook and MySpace.

Surely the potential for huge volumes of free targeted traffic is great!

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