Writing an article is not just typing up a bunch words. You have to capture the interest of your readers and encouraging them to read on. To get your message across, you must catch your readers attention and stimulate their interest and curiosity.

The basic key to writing an article is creativity. Creativity may come natural for some individuals, while others run into a block. Writers block can cause a lot of problems when a writer cannot seem to get their creative juices flowing.

Placing an image in the minds of your readers is an art form. It takes a certain flair of creativity to plant crisp, clear pictures. Metaphors and similes may help, however, an article comes about word by word, sentence by sentence and then on into paragraphs, until an entire article develops within the article.

What do you do when nothing comes to mind? Although, there is no sure fire way, there are some easy ways to boost your creativity. Although, there is no guarantee, there are several techniques that can assist you in reaching the mind set you seek.

Use these 5 easy ways to do just that.

1. Keep a journal or diary with you at all times. Anything you may see, hear or smell can trigger ideas. You can find lots of ideas when you rely on your senses. Write all these ideas in your journal and keep it with you for future reference. You can write down anything that you hear or read, you can even use others ideas to develop your own. Keep in mind that creativity and ideas come from many places, it is the development of those ideas that will make them distinctive.

2. Relax while taking the time to make sense of things. A crowded mind leaves little room for new ideas. To boost your creativity, you must clear your mind. Get rid of any hindering obstacle. When you are upset about something, you cannot stay focused.

Relax every time you get the chance and then consider your experiences and interactions with other people. Your experiences shape your mindset and you opinions, these are often reflected in your writing. Discover yourself, to determine your emotional triggers. What inspires you and what upsets you? By using your emotions, you can express yourself and your ideas, while growing your creativity.

3. Create a work area that inspires you. Your work area can hinder your creativity, when you do not feel relaxed or happy while there. A cluttered work area causes distraction and is not conductive to the flow of creativity. Creativity comes for a good state of mind.

You work area should be filled with things that make you feel relaxed and happy. You may wish to hang pictures, light candles or incense and any other item that inspires you. When your work area is well organized and clean, there are less distractions. When your work area is peaceful the time passes by quickly.

4. Setting the mood. You can simply go with the flow or encourage a mood that helps your mind work efficiently. You can boost your creativity by finding out what makes you tick. Once you set the tempo and pace for your mood everything else will fall into place.

There are as many ways to set a mood as there are people. Some writers may prefer a sip of wine to boost their imaginations. Others may set the mood with music, while still others depend on lighting to create a certain kind of atmosphere.

5. Take a mini-vacation and just get a little crazy. Having fun, by letting yourself go can produce some interesting results with your creativity. Go on a wilderness hike and adventure to other areas. Something unusual breaks up your daily routine and will boost your creativity. In hardly any time at all, your experiences will increase your creativity and put your imagination into overdrive.