As you should know, having a list of prospects and customers is crucial in business. If you are in the affiliate programs business you too need a list in order to maximize your earnings.

Many affiliates do not build a list because they are lazy or because they don’t know how to do it. The point is that if you are an affiliate and you don’t have a list of prospects then you are leaving money on the table.

Having a list is very powerful. Keep reading to learn a simple but very effective strategy to build a list. This method works better if you know the content of the affiliate product you are promoting. You can buy it or you can ask the merchant for a free copy.

1. Write a training guide on the program you are promoting. Explain how to use the product, how to get the best out of it and the benefits you have got from it.

Put your affiliate link within the guide – in the beginning and at the end. Make sure to mask it and if possible track it –

2. Use the guide as a bonus. You create a squeeze page where you give it away and in order to download it your prospects have to opt in.

3. Drive traffic to your squeeze page. There are lot of traffic generation methods.

  • Articles
  • Giveaways
  • Press Releases
  • Videos
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • etc

So far you are building a list of people interested in the product you are promoting. If you do a good job you should make money. But it gets even better, stay with me…

4. Contact the merchant and explain what you are doing and the results you are achieving. See if he wants to offer the guide to the rest of the affiliates in order to help them in their promotional efforts. If the merchant knows what he is doing he will do it.

5. Create a re-brandable version of the guide using a service such as Give it to the merchant for him to pass on to their affiliates.

In the guide you explain that it is rebrandable. In other words, that they can replace your affiliate link with theirs. Of course, to do this they have to get the re-brandable code – only you have it.

6. You have to create a squeeze page where you promote the re-brandable code. The affiliates have to opt in to download it. Within the guide you put a link to this squeeze page. Most affiliates will opt in to get it because it is a great free weapon that will help them.

Also, you can contact the merchant and provide him with your squeeze page URL, tell him that he can benefit by his affiliates making more sales. This way he can send his affiliates to your squeeze page – free traffic.

Now you have a list of people that will most likely not buy the product you are promoting. But this isn’t having a list for the sake of it – here is what you have to do now.

7. Survey them and ask about their interests, their challenges, and about what kind of help they need. These people see you as an expert due to the fact that you created the training guide, and that the merchant recommended it.

8. Study the survey and create a product based on it. Alternatively, find an affiliate product that fits these people needs.

Just in case you are thinking that now every affiliate has the same guide and that they have your same tools to promote, you should consider this:

If every affiliate has the same guide it means that you have a huge list

You can convert the guide into audio or video to stand out from them

If you are lazy and you don’t want to make more money probably you’ll stop at step three. However, if you really want to maximize your earnings and put people into your funnel you’ll go through all the steps.

Now let me know what you think about this strategy and if it could work for you.

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^PV Reymond