Affiliate marketing has been an internet staple for quite some time. It is the most popular tool for internet entrepreneurs. The reason it is so popular is that you can quickly get a business up and running without breaking your budget. Even with all its popularity it seems there is a large sector of the population who know little or nothing about it. Newcomers who have just found this business assume that they will make a lot of money fast they are mistaken.

This is not a business that supports getting rich quick over night. It is more of slow and steady wins the race. There will be a lot of trial and error with advertising and even the affiliate programs themselves. Think of it more like an ongoing proposition, learning the field and what merchants are hot or not!

Another common misconception is that more is better. What is meant by that is some people think that they need to sign up and place as many banners on a niche site as they can. You may think that this would be a great idea, more banners gives more choices. The fact is people who do end up on a site like this may feel like they are walking down the Vegas Strip. Flashing signs and light everywhere will turn visitors away by the hundreds! It is ok to offer more than one banner link but try to keep it to three or four links that are compatible with your site.

Others may think that adding affiliate links to their site will mean instant cash. Wrong again, your affiliate life rises and falls upon your advertising. You will have no success with affiliate programs if there is no one seeing them. Drive the traffic to your site where your affiliate links are placed. The more traffic you have the better your chances for a click through.

If you have already tried affiliate programs and not gotten a good result, you may want to find a mentor. They can help you figure out where you are going wrong and what steps to take to fix them.

A mentor is defined as a trusted and wise teacher or counselor. The prime candidate should be an expert in the field you want to be involved with. When they are experts their advice will be as well, that is the kind of person you want supervising you. An affiliate-marketing mentor should be a person who has made affiliate marketing their passion. They should have already had good success in the field of affiliate marketing and be willing to share that knowledge with others. That is why this site was built; it is aimed at giving others just this type of support.

The first lessons an affiliate mentor may teach are the theories and generalities in the field. At the same time, they should be knowledgeable about what the current trends are and what types of things to do if that trend changes. A mentor should be a great source of information for their clients and the first one to teach you how to reach new levels in affiliate cash. It is important for a mentor to be well versed on both sides of the affiliate equation, both the affiliate marketer and merchant. As you teach others to grow their affiliate business you too will benefit, their success will be your success.

There are publications that say to be successful in affiliate marketing you must have persistence, patience and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. As a mentor, your job will be to assist people in developing these character traits. At this point, it will be much easier to take them to the next level. They will understand that triumph will come from them expressing blood, sweat and tears as well as a good chunk of their time. With these traits firmly in place, they will be less inclined to quit.

Finally before you begin training your client in the key elements of affiliate programs you will need to master them your self. Things like search engine optimization, link exchanges, email marketing and advertising in forums are all key elements you will need to become proficient in. Without your expertise to guide them, they will have a much harder time of things. Be sure you have the expertise necessary before you commit to mentoring anyone. Will being a mentor be more difficult than succeeding in affiliate marketing? Yes, it is but it also a more rewarding especially when you know that you were the one to guide another person to affiliate wealth. Similarly if their success is yours then so is their failure. Do your personal best to share what you know, you will win some and lose some but in the end, you will know it was worth it. That is what being a mentor is all about.