If you have the copywriting skills to write articles or have the promotional skills to publicize articles which have been written by others, then you may want to consider getting into affiliate marketing. This can offer you a great way to make money from the comfort of your own home.  Affiliate marketing involves marketing a product or service for another company; you are then paid a commission for each purchase made by a customer who you refer. You refer customers by getting them to click a link to the merchant’s website which is placed on your webpage.

You’re going to need a great sales pitch, just as you would to promote any other product or service. You need to use your content to get visitors interested in the product or service and convince them to click that link and make a purchase.  If you have useful, well written content, you will get visitors clicking your links again and again. A lot of affiliate programs only let you make a commission on the first sale a referral makes, but you can look for programs which will let you earn a commission on each sale a referral of yours makes.

If you can’t write this kind of compelling content yourself, you can get good content for free or even pay for it in order to get it onto your affiliate site. Paying for articles has a lot of benefits; you can tell the copywriter exactly what you are looking for in the article, what product or service you are selling and how to write it to keep your target market informed. You can also look for free content, but you are limited to what’s already out there. When you pay for content, you’ll own the copyright and no one else can use it without your permission. When you decide on free content, then you’ll be sharing this content with many other affiliates and the original author will have their byline in the article, which can actually direct traffic away from your site.

There are plenty of affiliate programs out there which offer high commissions for people who are skiled at pre-selling the product and can deliver traffic to the merchant’s site. If you pick a product or service which is useful to a lot of people, then you should have little challenge pre-selling (or selling) this product. The important thing is getting people to your website so that they can see your recommendations and click those affiliate links.