Affiliate marketing is basically the sharing of revenue between on line merchants or advertisers and on line salespeople.  Performance levels dictate compensation and pay which is assessed by the number of clicks on links, registrations and sales made.

The merchants or advertisers are known as affiliate merchants whereas the sales people are referred to as affiliates.

The opportunity to make a lot of money is one of the main benefits of affiliate marketing.  The advertising process can be automated and payment is made for clicks, registrations and sales.

It has to be said that there is a level of risk with fraud but if you carry out your research thoroughly it will not be long before you are on top of it all and know exactly what you are doing.

Affiliate marketing has been a significant contributory factor to the success of many on line companies, one of which is the household name of was one of the pioneers of affiliate marketing and now boasts thousands of excellent working relationships of this kind.

As far as making money is concerned, affiliate marketing is, without doubt, in a league of its own.  You are your own boss, you take total control and responsibility for your website and there are no issues about having anyone looking over your shoulder.

Affiliate marketing also presents you with the option to endorse the products you know about and have a passion for by allowing you to add links and banners about them on your own website.  Every time a product you are representing sells you will receive a cash award.

You have the choice of sticking with just one merchant or going with as many as you like and with affiliate marketing becoming more and more well liked on the Internet, if you have always wanted to be a part of this kind of business, now is surely the time to take that step.