What is affiliate marketing?

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Internet Marketing Strategy of the Week

Internet Marketing Question and Answer


Reed Floren


Success Quote of The Week

“Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in
building any successful venture. ”

Lydia M. Child

Internet Marketing Strategy of The Week

The “Truth” Strategy 

The “the truth is, if you aren’t (your product’s benefit),
then you’re (negative effect)…” strategy tells your prospects
if  they don’t own your product then they will continue to
have specific problems. If you are a recognized authority
or reputable business, they will automatically assume
what you’re saying is the truth.


Internet Marketing Question And Answer

Question: What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing allows you to promote other companies
products or services and receive a commission for telling
others about it.
Imagine you go see a movie and you really love it then you
tell your friends. Unfortunately the movie producers don’t
pay you for helping spread the word,  however many websites
will pay you when you convince someone to order a product.
Amazon built the largest ecommerce company by being one
of the first to embrace affiliate marketing and convincing
website owners to encourage their visitors to purchase
products on Amazon.
Affiliate programs aren’t just limited to physical products
like books and DVD’s but oftentimes you’ll find digital
information products where you can get paid a very high
commission for promoting sometimes as high as 100%.
One of the easiest places to find digital products to promote

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Reed Floren

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