It has never been easier to run affiliate programs. There are plenty of different computer programs to help you. The hard part comes in keeping your affiliates interested and selling your product. When your business depends on your affiliate’s performance be sure to provide them help and tools to do so.

If you have been in this game very long, you are already aware that quite a few people will sign up and then disappear into the great beyond. There are ways to prevent some of this by constant communication. Send them weekly emails inquiring about how they are doing and if you can help them as well as periodic username and password reminders. Newsletters are a great way to keep them up to speed on changing products or procedures. Staying in touch is key to keeping them productive.

You should strive to stay in contact with your worst sellers as well as your best. Contact them both regularly. The good sellers will appreciate the recognition and the worst will be prodded to make some movement. Really, the main reason they are not producing is lack of leadership skills or guidance. You can easily address this issue by writing your own marketing course. Make it available to your affiliates free and perhaps make some money by selling it to non-affiliates.

Stay up to date on all your sales and ad copy. New material should be available to affiliates often. A link or banner just is not enough advertising to make a difference. Creative sales letters and colorful banners and buttons will keep the excitement flowing. Again, communication is important here as well, it will do no good to have these great tools if affiliates do not know they are available.

Your best tool is feedback and the best source of that are your affiliates. Listen to them about programs and materials and make adjustments. A good way to accomplish this is through weekly meetings. Since you probably do not live close, enough for a physical meeting then utilize the virtual world. Set up a chat room specifically for weekly or monthly meetings. Keep it fun and interesting by having motivational speakers, bonus drawings anything that keeps their attention. Above all go to the meeting informed, be able to answer your affiliates questions this will inspire loyalty and confidence.

In conjunction with bonuses be sure and give your affiliates the credit they deserve. Nothing is as nice as seeing your name in the monthly newsletter under great achievements. Set up contests and bonuses that create instant rewards for productivity. Anything you can do that lets them know you see their hard work and are thankful for it will inspire them to new heights. This translates into more effort, sales and money. The more successful they are the more successful you are!