Agung Prabowo Creator of the WP Forguee Theme

I interviewed Agung Prabowo who created the WP Forguee Theme. This is a high quality WordPress theme which allows for easy customization and is great for making web sites not just for yourself but your customers too.

Reed Floren: Wonderful… What got you started in internet marketing?

Agung Hari Prabowo: I started IM in 2007 because I had a motorcycle accident and my knee is broken and the worst thing is the company that I used to work fired me because they thought I was not productive anymore, so I started looking for alternative ways to make money and then I found IM when I tried to search for job opportunity in google

Reed Floren: Sorry to hear of your accident, but sometimes great things can happen when they appear to be disasters. What did you get started with after the accident?

Agung Hari Prabowo: I bought ebook after ebook and video tutorial until I ran out money but almost of those guide is didn’t work only confused me. Finally I found one guide that changed my life forever because of that guide also I made my first money online

Reed Floren: What did that guide teach you how to do?

Agung Hari Prabowo: Yes, i always recommend this guide to my friend who want to start make money online

Reed Floren: Was it on affiliate marketing or?

Agung Hari Prabowo: Yes, affiliate marketing and product creation also, because of this guide I learned about warrior forum also and met several people that can help me grow my business

Reed Floren: Awesome, I know you’ve been working on something new can you tell me about it?

Agung Hari Prabowo: I started running an offline business a few months ago it also because of accident, my google adsense was banned by google and then I tried to open a web service offline and then my best friend Malik told me why I didn’t sell themes on WSO? When the first time I launch a theme for offline business the market response was very good and now I’m bringing the new WP theme for offliners so they can use it for their clients and get investment back on my WSO

Reed Floren: How does your WordPress theme differ from others?

Agung Hari Prabowo: The most important things is my theme came with developer license and supports mobile, because mobile market is huge right now, also we concentrated on design and made it easy to customize

Reed Floren: Great, so that means they can use it on not only their sites but their customers sites too?

Agung Hari Prabowo: Yes, that’s how buyers can get their invesment back 🙂

Reed Floren: It’s pretty cool that it can support mobile as well since a lot of people seem to be looking for that right now. With the professional design and ability to support mobile with developers this sounds like it could be pretty expensive… how much is it?

Agung Hari Prabowo: It’s very affordable it starts from $12 (we use dimesale) and if we compare with others WP site with same quality they offered for higher price of $45-$75 and that doesn’t include developer license which typically cost above $500 – $1000

Reed Floren: Wow, so you mean someone can get this professionally designed theme with easy customization, the ability to do mobile sites and a developer license so they can build sites for clients too for the low price of just $12?

Agung Hari Prabowo: Yes, and I can ensure the quality of themes (design and feature)

Reed Floren: Very cool, sounds like something a lot of bloggers and web designers can use. Where can they get your theme?

Agung Hari Prabowo: They can get it at warrior forum I’m selling it as WSO

Reed Floren: Great, well thanks for your time Agung this sounds like a great deal and anyone who is reading this that deals with blogging or web design needs to check out your wordpress theme

Agung Hari Prabowo: Thank you too Reed 🙂

 Get Your Copy of WP Forguee here

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