When it comes to business, there are many things that you have to keep in mind if you want to succeed and make a huge amount of money. Whether you have an online business or an offline business, the point is that you have to work hard and put a lot of effort into it to maximize results.

Many people, especially on the Internet, are thinking only about how to make more  money. They always want something in return when they give and what they want, in most cases, is money. From my point of view, it is the wrong approach. They are not applying one of the most powerful business principles.

The business principle I am talking about is called Over-delivering.
Basically, it is about delivering more service, better service than one is expected to deliver. Asking, and expecting nothing in return and feeling happy to do it.

Over-delivering is what separates successful people from unsuccessful people. In other words, ‘successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.’

As you know, in every single niche you try to make money on the Internet you are going to find competitors that have a name and that are very well established. It is hard to penetrate the market, to become known and to make a lot of money.

The point is that 95% of your competitors are doing the minimum required, they have set up a system and follow it closely. So, how do you beat them? Over-delivering is the way to go.

Look at what your competitors are doing and add more value to your product/service. Don’t charge for it, include it as what they already have paid for, as a little ‘free’ extra.

Let me explain it with a couple of examples –

I am going to assume that you know a lot about the niche you are in. Let’s say that your competitors are selling an eBook for $37 on a specific topic. You could come out with a special report loaded with great information, about the same topic and you give it away, then in your back-end you sell an audio or video where you explain everything in details.

In the front-end your are giving away something of great value and people appreciate it. Then when they see what you are selling they buy because they say: “If he is giving away this special report which is loaded with great info then the audio/video he is selling has to be powerful too”.

You are not sabotaging your competitors, you are just moving your free-line and Over-delivering.

Another thing that you can do is the following: After someone buys from you, you give him an unadvertised bonus, something of great value, related to what they bought.

When people compare you against others, you’ll be in a better position due to the huge impact you are having on their lives.

You can always Over-deliver. It depends on you, only your imagination can stop you. No matter whether you are an affiliate or what items you are selling, there is always a way. Just move beyond your comfort zone and go the extra mile.

When you give away great value and exceed any possible expectations you create relationships that can last forever. Remember, people buy from those they know, trust, and believe in.

As you get back what you put out, when people see all you are doing for them, they feel pleased, satisfied, and they love you. As a result of that, they will spread the word about you, which means more and more people coming to you with business.

Over-delivering is a habit that you have to create and it is not that hard. You just have to teach yourself to do it again, again, and again. Help people, give away all you can, be happy to do it, and don’t talk about it.

This could be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make and the results will amaze you.

Your thoughts?

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^PV Reymond