If you want to make money from the articles which you have on your site, you need to make sure that your website is promoted in a manner that will attract visitors to your site. There are a number of different ways to promote your site; one of these is by using banner advertisements.

What Banner Ads Can Do For You

Banner ads can bring in visitors from other sites. The monthly fees to place banner ads on high traffic sites can be expensive, but it can actually be cheaper than waiting a long time for your SEO efforts to get your site a good placement in search engine results. Other than paying someone to place banner ads on their site, there are free banner exchanges which you can use. Keep reading to see some of the pros and cons of each banner advertising model.

Free Banner Exchanges

Free banner exchanges are exactly what they sound like – you place another site’s banner on your site and vice versa. This is free, but there are two problems with these exchanges. One is that if you want to get your banner on a lot of different sites, you’ll have to clutter your site with these banners. If you run an affiliate site, this can negatively impact your commissions as visitors click on these banners instead of your own affiliate links. You also need to be cautious about which sites you choose to exchange banners with. Some sites have tons of banners – meaning that they are more than likely a link farm or portal with no real content of their own. These sites will not bring you any appreciable traffic, but you will be bringing traffic to them – not a good bet for you as an affiliate marketer.

Paid Banner Ads

Paid banner ads cost money of course, but these ads can easily pay for themselves if you pick the right sites to place your banner ads on.  You have to make sure that these sites really get the traffic which they claim to and that your ad will receive a good placement on the site. Another thing to look at is whether the site is already crowded with other banner ads, especially those which are for your competition.

Banner ads can be a great thing for your website if you go about things the right way. If you do decide to use banner advertisements as a way to bring traffic to your site, be sure to keep these tips in mind.