Dr. Tony Alessandra on Customer Retention & Customer Loyalty

A few days ago I want to a seminar with Dr. Tony Alessandra after his speech I asked him to do a quick video for you guys so you can learn about how to keep customers and create customer loyalty so you can create raving fans (or as Tony calls them Apostles).

After recording this video at the seminar I got in trouble with the event host as he wasn’t happy that I was interviewing an expert at the event… So hard to say how many more of these I’ll be able to do…

Watch the video below:


  • Nayanika

    Reply Reply December 13, 2008

    Reed Hi

    Sorry I had to relocate. It is still transition but I am in India now.

    Delhi to be precise. I am very impressed by this video and do know all of what he is talking about in it. Relevant tangible and exceedingly hands on points to be taken cognizance of…It is all part of my work plan already darling Reed, but I have to allow for TIME which is of essence to my start of operations in the area of my work…

    This will be sometime soon…
    I cannot even tell dates since I have to get there…
    Keep them coming…I am looking for my apostles from you in the areas of health products and medical tourism for Ayurveda..and what we provide in terms of methodology customer outreach and oriental skills and techniques to make it all possible…

    Everything is Possible

    I await your mail regarding Herbalife US …maybe i could do it better here Reed than Moscow where the language was a severe constraint…

    looking forward to your email

  • Melody Baker

    Reply Reply December 13, 2008

    Hello Tony,

    graet advice, but what if you do not have a customer base?

  • tmobil8

    Reply Reply December 13, 2008

    Greetings Reed, Thomas Richmond here, i wanted to thank Dr. Tony for the analogy of keeping your fruits of labour blossoming, relationships of whom i do business with must be kept on a 1 on 1 form of somekind of communication, it is essencial to your growth in the market place, i thank God for the people i know on a personal level as well as on a business level, i do have a few apostles hoping for more, and if you know me Reed and i hope you do, you know i mean business with who and what i know , do or say. Have an awesome weekend buddy ๐Ÿ™‚ God_bless you

  • Fred Hopkins

    Reply Reply December 13, 2008

    Ahhh. Tony Alessandra is one of my favorite people. I was first exposed to his “Platinum Rule” about 12 years ago. Thanks for the reminder Reed!

    Fred Hopkinss last blog post..Article Marketing Video Tips

  • Shawn Horwood

    Reply Reply December 13, 2008

    This is only really useful once you have a customer base, if you have just entered a new niche, then this is not very helpful. You have to have enough customers to be able to find those that even have the potential of becoming your “apostles”.
    But it is good information for once have established a large enough customer base to find these “apostles”
    Shawn Horwood

  • Kathy Pop

    Reply Reply December 13, 2008

    That’s OK Melody, you will have one- the best part is you get to start off the right way, nurturing your future customers and creating more Apostles in a shorter time. if you have a list, open the communication up w/ them. Share some stories about your holidays or maybe a quirky family tradition. Let them get to know you and you’ll turn your list into buyers.

  • PV Reymond

    Reply Reply December 13, 2008

    Hi Reed,

    These are 3 min and 44 sec of great and solid information which you can apply immediately.

    Great job with this video Reed, keep it up!

    ^PV Reymond


    PV Reymonds last blog post..Twitter Tools

  • Anna Kindler

    Reply Reply December 13, 2008

    Hey Reed, what a great concept. The simple things seem to be the most important things that help your business. Thanks for being out there with all this great info foe beginners like me. Your are a big help. Anna

  • Sophia

    Reply Reply December 13, 2008

    Nice. Did this have to do with the webinair for the Success Strategies of 2009?

  • Geoff Dodd

    Reply Reply December 13, 2008

    Reed! Dr. Tony Alessandra was indeed generous to share his apostle making ideas with us here. Keep up THIS level of training, Reed, and I will happily become your raving apostle. That was outstanding material from a great thinker – reminded me of Jay Abraham for Quality.

    Geoff Dodd

  • Kevin Perera

    Reply Reply December 13, 2008

    Thank you very much for making a great video for us at a seminar I do really like it.I know your customer base and the list are the most precious asset you have and how important they are to you.I did learn some new things today how to manage your customers and the list and how to get best out of them and train them to be your own apostles I will try my best to do that.Thank you sharing this information with us Reed.
    Best Regards,
    Kevin Perera

  • normz2

    Reply Reply December 13, 2008

    A very enlightening video. Makes you think on how to improve your business on the long term. Customers like to think that they are appreciated, putting in that little extra effort can make a difference.

  • Laura Jo Richins

    Reply Reply December 13, 2008

    Isn’t Tony amazing? He’s also a very giving person, as can be seen by this almost 4 minute video that he did for you.

    I’m exciting to be working with him in http://iLearningGlobal.tv. He spoke at our first conference in November. The videos that he’s recorded, that are available to me every day are inspiring, motivating, and sometimes just a friendly reminder about what I should be doing.

    Thanks, Reed, for taking the time to share this information.

  • Laura Jo Richins

    Reply Reply December 13, 2008

    Thanks for the email, Reed. I didn’t list my contact info before so here it is. For more information on http://www.iLearningGlobal.tv, please visit my website at http://www.Richins-iLG.com.

  • Jeen Hao

    Reply Reply December 14, 2008

    Great Reed. This video is very informative!

  • Zoomerang

    Reply Reply December 14, 2008

    Very informative video, thanks for sharing it. We recently posted some employee satisfaction and customer loyalty posts on our blog:


    I also wanted to let you know that Zoomerang has an Employee Satisfaction Survey Center:


    and a Customer Satisfaction Survey Center:


    with templates, tips, and suggestions so please feel free to visit the blog and survey centers for some additional insights as well as survey templates you can customize to help improve customer and employee satisfaction.

    Zoomerangs last blog post..Customer Loyalty

  • Geoff Dodd

    Reply Reply December 14, 2008

    Reed, this video is the difference between being a ‘Bum’ marketer just grabbing one off sales where ever you can, with dubious quality products, versus building a REAL business and overdelivering for Lifetime Customers as Jay Abraham encourages us to do. (Continuity)

    Geoff Dodd

    Geoff Dodds last blog post..Unlimited Download MP3 and Movies

  • Pat Gunning

    Reply Reply December 14, 2008

    I couldn’t agree more…

    Top Affiliates are your businesses gold nuggets and this is exactly what he is talking about. Nurturing these relationships and building more will take your business to a remarkable level.

  • Scott Zimmerman

    Reply Reply December 14, 2008

    Reed: Thanks for posting the video. I was fortunate when Dr. Alessandra asked me to speak with him at the PPN seminar in Cleveland about six months ago. Tony wanted me to show the audience how I was using high-tech to create high-touch relationships to develop my Apostles. If you get a chance, look into new technology called Cyrano CRM Marketing System. It gives people the power to send emails, letters, customized mailings and even gifts that match the tastes, interests and preferences… of every recipient!

    Tony’s 3-step method of creating more Apostles works every time… write it down and commit yourself to the process!

    I just added you to my RSS feed… keep up the good work.

    p.s.: If you want to learn more about a personal/professional development business Tony and I are building with Brian Tracy, Steven Covey and about 40 other thought leaders, look into: http://www.iLearningGlobal.biz/scottzimmerman

    Best of luck to you on your success journey!

    Scott Zimmerman

  • admin

    Reply Reply December 14, 2008

    @Nayanika well I’m glad that it sounds like you are safe and sound now

    @Melody start building one by cultivating relationships with other people in this same fashion

    @Thomas glad you enjoyed it

    @Fred you’re welcome

    @Shawn I think it can be used starting from scratch what if you treated your JV partners or prospects this way?

    @PV you’re welcome

    @Anna you’re welcome

    @Sophia No real plans for this short clip just wanted to help Dr. Alessandra out by giving him some exposure to my customers and help you out with his excellent teachings

    @Geoff thanks yes he was very generous ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Kevin you’re welcome

    @normz2 it sure can

    @Laura Yeah Tony is a great guy

    @Jeen thanks glad you like it

    @Zoomerang you’re welcome

    @Geoff that’s a very good point

    @Pat agreed

    @Scott you’re welcome. I’ll have to look into Cyrano Tony was talking about you and Cyrano when we had some food & drinks after the presentation. Glad to see you are in ILearningGlobal Brian Tracy was telling me all about that when we had lunch a few months ago. Sounds very interesting

  • Jame Huy

    Reply Reply October 29, 2010

    It appears that you have put large amounts of hard work in to this post and I would like more of those on line now. I seriously got a kick out of your post. I can’t obviously have much to convey responding, I just desired to comment to your amazing work.

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