Pay Per Click (or PPC) advertising is one of the most cost effective ways of advertising online. PPC can bring in highly targeted traffic to your site at a very low cost. PPC advertising accounts for a large portion of the internet based advertising market, with nearly 8 billion dollars projected to be spent in PPC ads this year (according to Forbes magazine).

So how do PPC search engines work?

These search engines rank listings based on how much the owners of websites will pay for a click from that particular search engine. Advertisers will then bid on these keywords or keyphrases. The highest bidder for a given keyword or keyphrase then will have their site in the top ranking on the PPC search engines – thee second and third highest bidder will follow and so on. The ads from these bidders will then receive prominent placements on search result pages based on the size of their bids per click.

How can you make money by using PPC in your affiliate marketing business?  Affiliate programs generally pay a commission only when a referral makes a purchase or opts in to a mailing list (or any number of other conditions) after clicking through your site to reach the merchant. Your earnings will vary since they are dependent on the content of ht site and the amount of traffic received.

One good argument for adding PPC advertising to your affiliate marketing efforts is that it is far easier to make an income using PPC than not using PPC. You’ll make money from every clickthrough made by visitors on the advertiser’s website – you will not have to rely on visitors making a purchase pr performing some other action.

PPC can do a lot for your website; PPC search engines can help you to make money even from those visitors who are not interested in your affiliate program’s products or services – those same visitors who drop in and leave never to be heard from again; PPC gives you a chance to make some income even from these visitors!

You’ll make commissions from visitors who are just searching for relevant products and services while building brand recognition for your website – a valuable end in itself. Visitors who have found what they were looking for on your site are more than likely to come back and look again at what you have to offer.

These affiliate programs also help you to make even more money – when a visitor to your site searches using the PPC search engine and clicks on an advertiser listing, then the advertiser’s account will be deducted from; and 30% 80% of that bid amount will go to you.

Other than making a little extra money for little effort, PPC can also help you to promote your site. Many of these programs let you spend you commissions on advertising instantly and have no minimum earning requirement.  This in effect allows you to trade raw visitors for targeted traffic which is more likely to lead to sales.

What will happen if you when you integrate PPC into your affiliate program?  PPC programs usually have some easy to use, affiliate friendly tools which are a simple matter to integrate with your site. Most common among these are search boxes, text links, banners and error pages (404 pages). Search engines tend to use custom solutions and can give you whit-label affiliate programs. This lets you integrate co-branded, remotely hosted search engines into your site with just a few simple lines of code.

The benefit? More money for your affiliate program and a small extra income on the side. And once you get a few friends with websites of their own involved, a lifetime of potential commission income.

Where else can you get all of this while making money for your site at the same time? Availing yourself of the resources available to you will let you earn while you earn – no one would argue against that idea.
You should lean more about using PPC search engines as a part of your affiliate program to avoid missing out on the chance to earn more money for your web based business.