Today David Braybrooke writes another interesting article on ethics if you didn’t see his earlier post I recommend you read that as well. Now I have no intention of turning this into a political blog but I think David has some valid points that will cross-over into internet marketing

Initially, I toyed with the idea of discussing the ethics of Vice-President Richard ‘Dick’ Cheney and his office staffs’ seemingly ‘unethical’ adjustments to official documents pertaining to the health effects of global warming.  After all, if we are discussing the delicate subject of ‘ethics’, why not go straight to the ‘top’ for a bit of lesson learning on how one should conduct oneself in official affairs.  Whether you are a political figure or simply an aspiring online marketer, the rules are the same for everyone;  perhaps any potential repercussions from one’s actions will vary in gravity depending on the arena that one operates in?

On further reflection, and considering that Mister Cheney is the incumbent Vice President, I decided that it would be lacking in taste to target him.  Personally, I am bipartisan in my political beliefs and trust that the Environmental Protection Agency will continue to handle this extraordinary matter with class and efficiency.  So, no politicizing from my end  (oh, to be the Political Editor of the ‘Washington Post’!)

Without further ado, I shall turn to the topic at hand:

* Fact:  Kenneth Winston Starr, widely known for his investigation and report that lead to the impeachment of President William Clinton, was an official member of the Young Democrats at Harding University, Arkansas.

* Fact:  Kenneth Starr was appointed by Republican President Ronald Reagan to the position of federal judge on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals where he served from 1983 – 1989.

* Fact:  Mister Starr served as United States Solicitor General from 1989 – 1993 under President H.W. Bush.

* Fact:  Kenneth Starr was considered to be a potential Senator in the U.S. Government but stood aside so that Oliver North could secure the nomination.
So, where am I getting at with all of this you might ask?  Think about it, Kenneth Starr had ties to the Democratic Political Party in his youth but went on to serve in various official roles under the umbrella of the Republicans.  A conflict of interests?

Throw in to the mix the allegations that Starr’s own office was accused of leaking grand jury information, concerning the Clinton affair, to the press and you begin to get a slightly skewed image of who this man really is and exactly what he represents.

Yet, it is interesting to note, that Kenneth Starr was praised by Republicans and Democrats alike for his fairness and decency, throughout his illustrious career.  Let me repeat that, he was ‘praised by Republicans and Democrats alike’!

Which leads me to the point on ethics that I wish to make, that being, Mister Starr’s character, values and ethical beliefs were so elevated and undeniably sound that his reputation remained intact throughout scandal and speculation surrounding his professional affairs.

How can that help you, as an Internet businessperson?  Specifically, if you are of good, law-abiding character and practice fairness and even-handedness in all your online dealings, you shall create a reputation for yourself as someone who is true, just and, ultimately, supremely ‘ethical’!

And, like Kenneth Winston Starr, your reputation for ethical dealings shall remain intact if you happen to be caught up in controversy or difficult dealings associated with your online business interests.  People tend to trust those that have a consistently ‘pure’ track-record and can overlook the occasional lapse.

This might be worth your consideration?

Fact:  Like the American Political System, the world of Internet marketing has its own factions, special interest groups and indistinct team players.  And, like the world of Politics, the Internet marketer who subscribes to the unshakeable belief in marketing with sound ethics, will secure ‘the vote’ of the masses at the end of the day.

You may not win the Presidency but you will win peoples’ trust and ongoing respect!

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