Countless times I have heard or read that celebrity marriages are falling apart, left and right. I honestly could care less, however, it is puzzling that many times we view TV and movie stars as being totally flawless individuals, who live a fairytale life of glamour and wealth. The reality is not found by having our heads full of romantic clouds.

Despite the trivia, there are various means of losing your self-esteem. No matter what does happen, we should do our best not to lose our sense of self.

What does it take, to be a cut above the rest? Here you will find some ideas about what you can make improvements on, for at least a week.

Day 1 – Know Your Purpose

Are you hoping to find happiness, prosperity and health, by wandering with no direction in life? You have your own personal compass that leads you true north all the time, when you area able to identify you mission or purpose in life.

When you find yourself at a dead end, it may seem puzzling, however, there are always those little loopholes that help you turn things around and you can make a difference in your life.

Day 2 – Know Your Values

What is of most value to you? List your top five values. For instance, some examples are family, spiritual development, freedom, learning and security. Check your goals against your values as you set your sight on 2009. You may want to revise or reconsider any goals that may not align with your top five values.

The number should never be discouraging, rather it should motivate you to do much more than you may ever dream of doing.

Day 3 – Know Your Needs

You cannot live genuinely when you have unmet needs, you must take care of yourself. Do you have needs of acknowledgment, control, correct or to simply be loved? Countless numbers of individuals live their lives without ever realizing their dreams, while most of them will find themselves, stressed and depressed. Be sure to list your top four needs and then work on getting them met, before your time is expired.

Day 4 – Know Your Passions

Knowing what you truly enjoy in life and who you are is essential. Obstacles, such as a lack of enthusiasm or doubts can bring you down, however, they will not get in the way of becoming the person you want to become. You can honor the individuals who inspire you, while you express yourself, in order to become the best individual you can be.

Day 5 – Live From the Inside Out

By reflecting in silence regularly, you can increase your awareness of your inner wisdom. Breathe deeply to quiet your mind, commune with nature. For many city dwellers, it can be very hard to find the kind of peace and quiet we seek, even in their own homes. However, you may want to sit in a dimly lit room, while listening to some classical music if you like. Yes, this is sound, however, it can soothe the savage beast.

Day 6 – Honor Your Strengths

List three of your strengths. What special talents and gifts do you have? What are your most positive characteristics? You can always ask someone close to you for help in identifying these strengths, if you become stuck.

Are you good with your hands, very intelligent, creative and imaginative? You can find various ways of expressing your genuine self through your strengths. When you share that which you know with others, you can increase your self confidence.

Day 7 – Serve Others

Living realistically and genuinely, helps you develop an interconnected sense of well being. You can live your purpose, while giving of your talents to the world you live in, you might give back in service, those things you came to share with others, you spirit and your essence, when you are genuinely true to who you really are. When you share your gift with those you love as well as strangers who can appreciate what you do, it can be extremely rewarding.

One type of work that is indeed well worth the effort is that of self improvement, however, you should never limit yourself to the four corners of your room or office. The biggest differences lay within your own self and how much you really want to change for the better.