Setting your sights on accomplishing your goals is the first step you should take. Then, train yourself to do first things first. Develop the habit of working at the first thing on your list and not moving on until it is done. That habit will be the most important thing. Get things done.

Don’t worry about what comes next until that first goal, for the moment, is out of the way. Going through your list of steps one at a time leads you along the path smoothly and you will reach the end when everything has been done and your success is achieved.

You’ve got your goals set and decided you will succeed. Focus on that – ‘I will’. You will succeed. Your goals will be reached. Your life will straighten out and become what you want of it. Concentrate on that ‘will’.

Change your thinking to make your life work and set each step up as what has to be done, right now. Make it a habit to see that goal as the most important thing until it is finished. Other steps may be important, but they come later and can be thought of then. Your goal at the moment is to complete one step.

Each step you accomplish is another success in your life. You once thought of yourself as a failure? That’s gone. Each little step you manage to complete toward your goal is a success and you are a winner. Do it, now, and go on to the next step.

You can manage all this. The only price that needs to be paid comes out as effort, not money. You’ve got the desire, done the learning and are picking up even more as you go along. Get busy.

Make a list of what needs to be done and get started working on it. Just keep your mind open. Absorb all the knowledge you can, be open-minded. What you learn today might not help right away, but it could tomorrow or next week.

Find out everything and store it away until you need it as you work through things and acquire accomplishments and lessons on your way to success.

Each thing you learn brings you closer to success and I believe that everyone can succeed, with the proper training. It just seems so many who have acquired the right lessons don’t put them to use. They don’t develop the habits necessary to work their way down the path to their dreams.

What’s stopping you now? Lack of health seems to be the only reason why a person might not be able to succeed and even that can be beaten. People can overcome all sorts of handicaps. All you need is determination, grit, and the will to do it.

Grit and will can take you anywhere you want to go. The best asset anyone can have is will power. You can be poor today and be wealthy in just a short time, but your main asset will always be that will power, not money. Money is nice, but you can gain more with a strong will than you can buy with money.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect smooth sailing all the time, even if you’ve succeeded and developed the proper habits. Journeys always have rough patches. Go with them, work through all the troubles. Each one teaches you something new, even if you don’t succeed in overcoming them.

You can find a way around them, if nothing else seems to work. Don’t let them cause you to stop and fail. Concentrate on your successes and the pleasures of what you’re doing. They’ll appear again and your journey will smooth out.

Setbacks are another lesson. You’ll learn more as you struggle with them and gain more confidence as your successes grow and your life becomes what you dreamed. Each problem is a new lesson that helps you along. You’re succeeding and your goals are becoming realities.

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