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Success Quote of the Week

Products That Launched This Past Week

Internet Marketing Strategy of the Week

Upcoming Product Launches

Internet Marketing Question and Answer


Reed Floren


Success Quote of The Week

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

Pablo Picasso


Products That Launched This Week

Sunday April 3rd  No Launches Scheduled

Monday April 4th

Steven Johnson + Jani G – Commission Takers

Justin Michie – Internet Marketing Gone Wild 2.0

Tuesday April 5th

Alex Goad – Rankbuilder 2.0 Relaunch

Wednesday April 6th – No Launches Scheduled

Thursday April 7th

Tim Bekker – MMM: Make Me a Millionaire!

Friday April 8th

Paul Barrs – Maximum Success University

Saturday April 9th – No Launches Scheduled


Internet Marketing Strategy of The Week

The “Admit It” Strategy

The “I’ll tell you what most (type of experts/your competition)

don’t want to admit…” strategy tells your prospects that your

competition is hiding something from them. Whatever you find

and decide to expose should persuade them to purchase your



Upcoming Products

Saturday April 10th

Alex Shelton + John Bass – Social Squeezer

Monday April 11th – No Launches Scheduled

Tuesday April 12th

Chuck Mullaney – Free Webinar on List Building

Ryan Moran – eTycoon

Sean Gallagher – Instant Income Cash Machine

Wednesday April 13th – No Launches Scheduled

Thursday April 14th

Daniel Katz – Mass Traffic Accelerator

Eric Rockefeller + Chris X – AutoWealthMaker

Friday April 15th – No Launches Scheduled

April 16th – No Launches Scheduled


Internet Marketing Question And Answer

Question: How do you clean up your Facebook reputation?

I just found a new free tool called Reppler that allows you to
easily scan your Facebook for objectionable content that you
posted or that one of your friends posted on your wall (it doesn’t
find objectionable images though so keep that in mind) and it
allows you to easily clean up those nasty comments. This can
help you in searching for jobs and partnering up with other
internet marketers as oftentimes employers and potential
partners do look at what you post on your Facebook.

To Your Success!

Reed Floren

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