It’s a running joke with my parents that I fall asleep before midnight on new year’s eve. Most years I do just that because I get bored waiting around for it to come.

Not this year.

Marissa, Zachary, my parents and my sister and I all went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner which is a tradition we’ve had for as long as I can remember.

After our wonderful meal Marissa got all pampered up so we could go to a party hosted by one of my friends from highschool.

She looked fantastic; she wore a new red dress and curled her hair she reminded me a lot of a 1940’s movie star very sophisticated.

Once she was ready we left Zachary with my parents and hit the road.

On the way to the party I ended up getting pulled over he thought I had been drinking since I hit one of the lines on the road but I hadn’t had a drop and he quickly let us go.

Once we got to the party I ended up getting the only 4 wheel drive vehicle to be there stuck!

My car just dropped into the snow and wouldn’t move.

Which I found absolutely hilarious so I ended up going inside to get my buddies and around 10 of them came up to push me out. My SUV wouldn’t budge!

We pushed and we tried to shovel out but to no avail we where stuck. My friend Mitch suggested we call a tow truck but the owner of the house recalled that kitty litter might work and lo and behold it does as long as you got a big group pushing you.

Marissa, myself and the rest of the group head inside and we end up having a very good time!

But we had most incidents with my car last night.

At one point my SUV was blocking one of the other cars from getting out I ended up having to jockey it out of there so they could park.

Once I headed back into the driveway my car just slide down sideways as it was a hilly driveway that was just glare ice! I came within inches of hitting another car but was able to gain control just in time.

Marissa and I didn’t get home till around 5 in the morning but we ended up having a great time and I most admit I’m so lucky that none of these things with my car ended up being anything serious.

So what did you do for new year’s?