Happy New Year – What Did You Do For New Year’s?

It’s a running joke with my parents that I fall asleep before midnight on new year’s eve. Most years I do just that because I get bored waiting around for it to come.

Not this year.

Marissa, Zachary, my parents and my sister and I all went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner which is a tradition we’ve had for as long as I can remember.

After our wonderful meal Marissa got all pampered up so we could go to a party hosted by one of my friends from highschool.

She looked fantastic; she wore a new red dress and curled her hair she reminded me a lot of a 1940’s movie star very sophisticated.

Once she was ready we left Zachary with my parents and hit the road.

On the way to the party I ended up getting pulled over he thought I had been drinking since I hit one of the lines on the road but I hadn’t had a drop and he quickly let us go.

Once we got to the party I ended up getting the only 4 wheel drive vehicle to be there stuck!

My car just dropped into the snow and wouldn’t move.

Which I found absolutely hilarious so I ended up going inside to get my buddies and around 10 of them came up to push me out. My SUV wouldn’t budge!

We pushed and we tried to shovel out but to no avail we where stuck. My friend Mitch suggested we call a tow truck but the owner of the house recalled that kitty litter might work and lo and behold it does as long as you got a big group pushing you.

Marissa, myself and the rest of the group head inside and we end up having a very good time!

But we had most incidents with my car last night.

At one point my SUV was blocking one of the other cars from getting out I ended up having to jockey it out of there so they could park.

Once I headed back into the driveway my car just slide down sideways as it was a hilly driveway that was just glare ice! I came within inches of hitting another car but was able to gain control just in time.

Marissa and I didn’t get home till around 5 in the morning but we ended up having a great time and I most admit I’m so lucky that none of these things with my car ended up being anything serious.

So what did you do for new year’s?


  • Al Sinden

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Glad you had a relatively scrape-free time, Reed!

    Me? I went to bed about 10 p.m. and got a great cozy and warm night’s sleep.

  • Dixie Brown

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Happy New Year Reed!

    Bringing in the new year was certainly not as exciting as yours but none the less very pleasing and relaxing.

    I spent the early part of the evening with a few friends over dinner, laughter and left smiling and feeling blessed.

    Arrived home before all the craziness started happening and ended the evening with goal setting and planning for an incredible new year.

    You are part of my new year so be expecting an email from me my dear friend.

    God Bless,

    Dixie Browns last blog post..Challenge to Government to give you words of hope

  • tmobil8

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Greetings Reed, Thomas Richmond here, HAPPY NEW YEAR buddy! Nice time you had last night, pretty cool, me? not much, hung out here at the house, sister came down from Ventura, CA. stayed up to watch the ball drop, got an email from a web community Bizzy Blogz.Biz, i sent in my resume about 3 months back, they were looking for a new C.E.O. and i fit the bill, 2009 looks very promising, till next time! Peace 🙂

  • Gamini

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Hi Reed,
    First let me wish you and everyone over there a VERY HAPPY and Prosperous New Year!
    I know the human spirit is such it is not easy for an economic crisis to put us down.One had only to see the gala time people were having on the 31st night.As for myself traditionally being with my family at home watching what is going on arround the world on the TV is our fun.Enjoyed it till every went to bed one by one (and I was one of the early ones to leave arround 2.00 am).
    Lucky we do not have snow in this part of the world.
    We are having perfect weather here these days.Hope no one would be jealous!

  • Gary Bacchetti

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Hi Reed

    Happy New year to you, your family and the new aspiring Internet Marketer “Zachary.”

    (You did start building him a list, right?)

    Had a quiet evening with the family and DID fall asleep about 9:00. I never saw the stroke of midnight. (I guess us seniors do that)

    Woke up this morning ready to tackle 2009!

    Thanks Reed for all you do and I know you’ll
    have a prosperous New Year!

    Gary Bacchetti
    The Gentle Mentor

  • Liz Nichols

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Happy New Year to you. My New Years sounds a lot like your usual one. My spouse didn’t get home from work until 7 p.m. and by that time I’d eaten my dinner of pork roast and champaign, then went back to writing blog posts and bookmarking them. Just another day in blogland.

    I tried to stay up, but by 10:30 it was time to curl up in a nice, warm bed with a good book and the rest of my glass of champaign. I was sound asleep by 11:25 p.m.

    Had to be awake and sharp to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes demolish the South Carolina team for the Outback Bowl today. Go Hawks!


    Liz Nicholss last blog post..Become a Blogger Premium

  • Timothy Millar

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Hey Reed, Happy New Year, Snow and Suv’s are not a good combination.I watched the ball drop while working on my blogs and then watched some awesome truck and motorcycle stunts on ESPN, Yahoo has a clip on the homepage. Have a Wonderful New Year Reed, Timothy Millar

  • Shawn Horwood

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Your new years was definitely more exciting than mine! I stayed at my parents house and we had about 30 other people there and my friend and I wrote Happy New Year with dominoes and when it hit the new year we knocked it over. Then we watched a movie and everyone left.
    Happy New Year Reed!
    Shawn Horwood

  • Slavica Todorovic

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Dear Reed,

    i wish You and everyone here a Happy New Year!
    You are lucky for being with your loved ones,no matter where :at home,on party,to spend the most beautiful night with somebody you Love is wonderful!I like New Years!
    For long time i am at home,being a single and the only company is my computer.Thank God for Internet ,so i had my fun time reading messages,answering them and dropping my thoughts on twitter.So,i haven’t been alone.
    Thank you!

    Slavica Todorovics last blog post..Christmas-In the Glory of the Love

  • Pat Gunning

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Another day in the life?

    Sounds like you had fun, add that to friends and family and that’s what it’s all about!

    As for us we had our traditional nachos.

  • faria

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Happy new year all the best for you and your familly me i went to bed around 5 0clock du morning i had nothing special just i was watching the tv . hope this year be special for all the peoples around the world ,peacefull and full of joyce happiness.

  • kristi qualley

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Hi Reed, Happy New Year! We stopped at a friends house around 9:00 and celebrated. Got home around 1:00. Had a good time! Kristi Q. http://www.easyhomebasedemployment.com

  • Tommy C

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Hey Reed, Yes…Happy New Year! sounds like yours turned out well. I guess I’ll have to come clean…my wife and I were in bed by 9pm. and watched the reruns of the fireworks on the news this morning. I’m ready for a positive 2009 which starts right now. Keep up the great work. It is well appreciated.

  • Melody Baker

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Well you had a better New Years Eve than me. And I have the pictures to prove I had NO Christmas or New Years Eve.

  • Cheree

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Yikes! Your New Year’s sounded far more exciting than mine. My son and I went to our church for a special service and New Year’s party with Pastor Tom’s famous chili, games and karaoke. It was a nice, peaceful way to usher in the new year.

    Wishing everyone an awesomely prosperous 2009!


    Cherees last blog post..WebProsperity — This Could be the Most Important 7 Minutes of Your Life!

  • Dave

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    Happy New Years Reed

    I had a great evening with a bunch of friends at one of their homes.

    Great evening of conversation and getting to know one another better but a little short on the sleep.

    to everyone success in the New Year

    Daves last blog post..Installing Ceramic Wall Tile in your Bathroom

  • phyllis neff

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    I went to my daughtersapartment and we all celebrated christmas and new years ,starting with my yearly dvd,which was a huge success, let the kids and the big kids play wii on the big screne, i learned bowling and boxing with my son in law (firefighter/paramedic) and he beat me to death on boxing! lol it was really fun! the kids opened presents .we had all snack food ,plus chicken wings,and pizza,and mozzerella sticks, and a specialty made white and dark chocolate pretzels! yummy! and we danced and had a champayne toast,watched the ball fall,paul my daughters fiancee gave dollar bills to the 1st kid to kiss him at midnight, we watched part of prince caspian but was too tired to finish it! we had lots of feelings brought out feelings from the dvd about our troop ronnie. my daughter samantha and her husband and 2 children are going to germany in march for 3 years and I showed a lot of troop pictures. it turned out great!

  • Percival

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    Hi, Reed.

    First of all, Happy New Year to you, Marissa, and Zachary. Secondly, thanks for being there. You young people in the internet marketing industry have always been my inspiration in my journey to this kind of life.

    After having self-studied internet marketing at home for the past four years, learning from tutors like you, I finally awarded myself a diploma in Internet Marketing on New Year’s Eve.

    I officially declared myself a full-fledged internet marketer on New Year’s Day. And surprise of all surprises, when I checked my email at Gmail.com this morning, I found out I have my first (aside from myself, of course) subscriber to my ezine on the weight loss niche.

    Reed, stay there for a very long time to continue inspiring me and all the others, who want to be internet marketers.

    I will be retired from employment on April of this year, and I intend to spend my time helping people with their problems through internet marketing.

  • Geoff Dodd

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    Reed, you hit the white line on the road because you were thinking about IM strategy, not driving tactics. 🙂 I went to bed at 10pm for a great rest, just like Al S. did.

    Geoff Dodd

  • normz2

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    Happy new year everybody. We spent new years eve the same way for the last few years. We had a potluck supper followed with 30 hands of duplicate bridge. Then did in the new year with wine and noise makers while watching the celebrations on TV.

  • Joel Naphin

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Reed (and to Marissa and Zachary, too!)

    For my New Year’s I had to work till 10pm (I don’t make enough online yet to quit my job but I’m hoping to be able to quit it in 2009!)

    I work at a casino in Niagara Falls, Canada and it was so busy! I went home and spent the rest of the night with my fiancee and her 2 little girls and a couple of my fiancee’s family members. We had a few drinks, ate and watched the festivities on tv from Niagara Falls and NYC.

    I was in bed by 1:30 a.m. and had to go back to work New Year’s Day….

  • Nayanika

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    Hi Reed,

    Better times are coming…we are still getting there..this seems to be the message
    It was family a whole lot of togetherness, which was the heartening note
    I was with my children on phone and brought in the new year twice…
    It was new beginnings on the internet too and a lot of transparency…
    we have to connect and be there for humanity…

    Which is the keynote …the message that I got for the new year

    Have a great 2009 Reed
    I love you

  • Ian R

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    Hi Reed, New Year Greetings from Down Under.
    I celebrated by doing a 5-mile funrun with 300 others at 6pm, at 95 deg F and windy. Followed by barbeque and beer. Had to drink fast before the beer gets hot. Your ice would have been nice!
    I hope that 2009 goes well for all of us.

  • Larry J. Maddox Sr.

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    Hello Reed and Happy New Year!!
    I am 65 and live in a 55 or over mobile home park. I do not normally go to the clubhouse but was enticed to because they honored me for doing SANTA for them. I have lived here 20yr and have never been asked to do so for them. You see I have been doing SANTA for 31yr. It was a good time with all the elderly ones that I teased until midnight when I had my Eggnog and Sigrams7. I then got on my motorcycle and rode to the oldest bar in Kissimmee, Florida (Roscoe’s). I got my picture of beer and tomato juice(no glass)and had fun with some of my biker friends, it was great to get away from the others. There was a great band which most of the members ride with me. There were a quite a few girls, and yes I kissed them all, and their dates who I have privilege to know. I stayed till 0200 and rode home turned on Turner Classic Movies till 0600, as per norm,(can’t sleep at night) and slept till 1000. Not bad for an old codger who just had 5 bypasses. Get on a bike and come down and ride with us. We will be glad to have you. Waiting for the one true GOD through Jesus Christ Positively! GOD bless you one and all! SANTA

  • Sondra Fowler

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    Happy New Year!!!
    I had a nice New Years Eve with friends and family. We had a nice supper with steak and all the trimmings, and then I went to bed while everyone else played cards. I missed desert and am hitting myself over the head for that as could not find any left this a.m.
    Now it is back to the grind and trying not to forget the commandment “Thou shalt not weigh more than thy refriderator!!”
    Best wishes to all in the coming year!
    With love,

  • east4u

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    Hi Reed ! I was alone and just relax and at 23.30 I get my 8$ ciggar and went out and fire my cigarr and it tasted so good,then i took a walk to the city about 30min walk ,and I saw so much fire work and at 0000 man it I just love rockets with gold reign silver and Iyou all know what rocket I talk about its the cresendo when ewerything stop and you see only 1lonly rocket up and silence Then POUFF
    like you almost can tuch the gold rein all you see is
    a big gold collored glob with you in the Middle
    and You just smile and shout WOUW Ihhaa
    thanks was it good for u2 !! hahaha
    Happy New Year To All Of you in All parts of the World happy New Year .And If WE all try to be just alittle more nice ,to that person who look at you ,Dont show the finger just give asmile .,thats all I ask for smile more
    I can feel so good when I see a buityful girl maby 20 i can be her daddy ,But she just look at you and smile .Or that big tattoed with no hair mucles ewery where who could say bu and I had to change underswhere. He just look at you and smile thanks I can have dry pants to day .You know .I BELIVE that if we all just try not just think on you self ,you dont have to do a shit only give a smile with a Hi then you are exussed for the next day ,,In two three years we have much more not violens maby less war,But we must start some where
    And that place is Here on Reed´s Blog site
    Friday 2009 was the day the people at internet started with smile and hi model to a non violent wourld Yeah Thanks I LOVE YOU ALL THANKS fROM east

  • bob rettman

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    Hey Reed, Happy New Year to your whole family. Sound like you put mom and dad to work. I am sure they loved being with their newest family member.This is their new job now, to love and spoil their grandchild. The best of both worlds, when they get completely worn out they can hand Zach back to mom and dad. Do you know what Reed? After hearing you many mishaps with your car, maybe it would be a good idea if you let Marissa drive from now on. No offense Reed, some of us are good with computers and some of us are good with cars. It seems you are good with computers! Make a lot of money this new year. Life is sweet! bob

  • Joyce Allen

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    Watched Kim Mitchell and Rodger Hodgeson (in the comfort of my home) perform live in Niagara Falls, then watched movies until the wee hours of the morning while everyone else slept!

    Best wishes to all!

    Joyce Allens last blog post..

  • Richard

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    Hi Reed and a Happy New Year to the family and all fellow readers.

    Had a very quiet time myself, recovering from ‘flu…just didn’t feel up to anything much at all.


    Richards last blog post..Web Prosperity in Pre-Launch

  • Pierce

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    Hi Reed, You had way more fun than me this year. My wife was invited to a V.I.P. event with a few friend’s form work ( one of them won a vip prize from the radio station) So she left about 8:30, the kids and I watched the early countdown from NY i think( we are on the other coast) and then the kids went to bed and I stayed up working on my marketing. Then stopped at 12 said a cheer and was in bed by 1am.
    Glad you had no accidents and got home safe.
    Into the New Year with great hopes and happiness


    Pierces last blog post..An example of a heavy hitting email for affiliates to make a choice.

  • Lorrie Herndon

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009


    I had a great New Year’s with 2 of my grandchildren and ex-husband. We did fireworks and sparklers and they had white grape juice. Nana (me) had a captain tony (malibu coconut rum, pineapple juice, cherries with a little bit of the juice over lots of ice). My son and his wife called to wish us happy new years and went to bed around 2:00 am.

    I am trying to make 2009, profitable for myself.


  • Ben Jackson(Resolve2)

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    Happy New Year to all. I went to an open house and had plenty of food, fun and fellowship! May this year be a prosperous time for us all.

    Remember this year resolve2 to accomplish all your reso-lie-tions. I mean your resolutions.


  • Ron Passaro

    Reply Reply January 2, 2009

    Had a great New Years in New York City, making sure to stay away from Times Square and all that nonsense. Did the Times Square thing once and that was enough 🙂



  • Holly

    Reply Reply January 3, 2009

    Reed, sounds like an eventful evening! My 2 yr old did fireworks for the 1st time. Well Sparklers…if they are considered fireworks, but he loved them! There is definitley something to be said about having no fear. Hoping to have the same fearlessness in my business in 2009! Happy New Year.

  • Ari Lestariono

    Reply Reply January 3, 2009

    Contemplate to surroundings and making awareness to more success.

    Ari Lestarionos last blog post..New Year’s Resolution: Best Natural Foods for Longevity

  • Jussi Koiranen

    Reply Reply January 6, 2009

    My New Year was quite legendary with lots of tiny little adventures packed in the those few hours. We went to Stockholm with friends by boat and spent the whole new years eve there.

  • Beachcomber

    Reply Reply January 10, 2009

    Traditional New Year’s eve.

    Nothing at all.

    Worked a bit, then watched TV and fell asleep.

    Very much like Christmas Day. LOL


    Beachcombers last blog post..The Article Marketer Article Submission Service: A Review

  • jack parler

    Reply Reply April 8, 2009

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  • Road Bikes

    Reply Reply September 1, 2009

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  • Wii Unlocking

    Reply Reply September 21, 2009

    Ah New Year. Forget about the last New Year, what are you planning for the 2010 New Year ?

  • Unlock Your Wii

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    heh! What are you going to do now for the year 2011?

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