Hey Guys,

I’m back from my cruise in the Caribbean where we had a great time. In fact I’m already signed up for next year and I will extend the invitation to join me next year at cost. I had a fantastic time and I will be putting a lot more up about the cruise later on in the week. However while I was away my family had a very difficult time.

When my parents picked me up from the airport they had some very sad news to share with me. My Aunt Margaret whom I was very close to (I considered her to be my 2nd mom) had died while I was away. The funeral is on Monday and I’m in absolute shock.

Please forgive me if it takes me a while to get back into the swing of things as this is the relative that I was closest with (outside of my immediate family). Oftentimes I would go over to their house and just hang out with Margaret and Ken and we’d chit chat for hours about life in general.

Margaret was always very nice, thoughtful and caring of others. She brightened up many people’s lives and her work ethic was outstanding. She accomplished so much in the little time she had on this earth and always took the time to do the little things that mean the most like sending out thank you cards, printing off photos and sending them, writing letters and calling to check in with me.

Margaret had a real flair for decorating and cooking and the holidays will frankly be very bland without her as she was very good at bringing the whole family together and making everyone feel welcome.

I will miss her deeply and it scares me about my own mortality as she seemed very fit and healthy to the rest of us and this just happened without any warning.