Any product you could ever want to sell is available already. By now, you have signed up for Google Adsense and perhaps a couple of other affiliate marketing programs. Your website is ready ads to post just a click away. You can almost smell your online fortune. Is there anything else that needs to be done? Have you created a great landing page? Is it compatible with an online business?

You may be asking yourself what is a landing page. Basically, they are what they sound like, the first page a visitor “lands” on after clicking on a search link. As an affiliate marketer, you want your potential customer to end up on your landing page after clicking your affiliate ads. Landing pages are no different from most other webpages on the internet. Many online affiliates will use their home page as their landing page. The question is, is that a good idea and should you imitate them when creating your own landing pages?

It is usually easier to follow what the rest of the business world is doing, like using a home page as a landing page. If you truly want a better result, in other words lots of money, you should make a special landing page for your affiliate ads. Why would you want to go against the current trend and do something different? Because a great creative landing page will make a huge difference to your bottom line, and here are a few reasons why:

1) It is the best way to earn conversions in affiliate marketing?

For the merchant there are a variety of affiliate programs available. Most of them are based on pay-per-click. This is where you create the ad then submit it to a service like Google Adwords. The service then places your ad on different affiliate’s websites with similar content. Now when visitors to the websites click on your ads they are sent to you website and more specifically your landing page. When the customer clicks through you are charged. This is an example of the pay-per-click structure.

Your earnings however come from conversions; this is when the visitor that came to your site buys the product. They are now in essence converted from a casual visitor to a paying customer. As you can see if there is no conversion, you have made no money. Add to this a high rate of traffic and you are looking at an ever-growing expense. The only possible way of covering that expense is through conversions.

Ok, so the importance of conversions has been established. How will you get the conversions without a landing page? You can have the best advertisement in the world and if it does not lead potential customers to a place to buy the product, it is all useless. That would be kind of like advertising ice cream on a hot summer’s day but having no ice cream truck!

Therefore, you can see that landing pages are very important to the amount of online earnings you can expect from an online affiliate program. With no place to land, your customers are aimlessly wandering and you are paying dearly for it, with nothing to show for it.

2) Your other web pages may not be sufficient

The common mistake people make is to use their home page as their landing page. They will place all their ads here. Similar are the people who use a product page or their contact page. A home page is created to host different links and multiple types of information. A landing page for an affiliate program will be more content specific. You want this page to be dedicated only to the products you are selling. This will narrow the traffic to only the visitors interested in your product, thereby increasing the chances of a conversion.

While thinking about the type of landing page you want to create the customer must be your first thought. Design your landing page around the keywords and content of the ads that point to it. Always remember that the landing pages include a call to action. While there, you want them to complete a purchase or provide you leads to other potential customers.

If you are like many people, you went into affiliate marketing to sell your products without spending a fortune on advertising. However if you get all set up but have no landing page for customers you are paying for traffic that will never pay you back. In short if you do not have a landing page it is past time to create one, and seeing as it is so vitally important to your success make sure it is a fantastic landing page.