The Blarney Stone is a historical piece of the Blarney Castle in Ireland, which is believed to grant you the gift of gab, after kissing the stone. What you do not hear very often, is you have to hang far out of a high story window to reach far enough to actually, kiss the stone, a time honored tradition. In other words, it does take effort.

Conversation encompasses so much that no one could ever know it all. Certain rules apply when it comes to communication, you can see this by listening to radio, watching talk shows, ordinary conversation as well as public speaking associations. It may sound boring, however, it is your mouth that does the verbal work, you brain is working twice as hard to provide everything you know. You can start learning more about effective communication by understanding the person closest to you, yourself.

– What You Know

Education is learning the basics, however to become an effective speaker you need practice of what you know. Toastmasters’ taught me that we all have limitations. However, this does not mean we cannot learn to converse and to share our knowledge.

– Listening

Listening is as essential as asking questions. Listening to the sound of your own voice builds your self-esteem allowing you to say what you believe in with a strong conviction.

– Humility

There are times when we may slur, stutter or even mispronounce specific words, although we may understand what they mean and only use them to impress others. Therefore, while in a group setting, remember we all make mistakes and you should never shy away from asking if you are pronouncing it properly, if they do not know either, you can then turn it in to a joke. You can get away with it easier while filling the room with laughter.

– Eye Contact

It is essential to gaze upon your audience with focus, no matter what type of gathering it may be, from meetings to interviews. Sincerely directing your attention to your audience, says a good deal about who your are.

– Humor

Humor is useful for lifting any boredom or tension of a room while offering a speech. This allows the crowd to view you as human and very approachable, when you have the attention of the majority.

– Mingle

Mingling with others is interactive fun, you get tons of ideas while meeting other individuals.

– Me, Myself, and I

I bet like many others, my self included, that you too sing in the shower. Practicing your speech in front of the mirror assists in correcting the areas of stress in your pitch, while listening to the sound of your own voice. While there, you might as well freshen up a bit.

– Smile

Smiling while speaking is as essential as eye contact, allowing you to express yourself much easier. The only gathering that may accept a frown as casual is during a funeral.

– Role Models

In your life there may be others you have enjoyed listening too, while in public at various meetings and gatherings. They may read their lines, however, you should always pay attention to their emphasis on words as the speak, can aid you in better communications.

– Preparation

Rather than scribbling out notes in a hurried rush, you will do better with preparation. There are individuals who write their speech out on index cards or even make notes in their palms, however clammy. You can be perfectly comfortable by preparing for your speech and then enjoy yourself.

These ideas may seem rather slapdash, however, I have learned to own my power of communication when it involves speaking in private or public. Spending time with others and listening to how they converse during meetings is educational and enjoyable.