Interview with James Renouf Creator of Buyer Arbitrage 1.0

I interviewed James Renouf on his product Buyer Arbitrage 1.0 which is a software that helps you find people on Craigslist who are looking to hire someone for various services. The tool will also search Fiverr and help you find people who can complete the task. In other words by using Buyer Arbitrage 1.0 you can find people who are willing to spend BIG money on services that you can outsource for $5 making you a HUGE PROFIT! And the best part is you don’t even need to know how to do the task you simply pay someone else and keep the profits.

You can download a copy of the James Renouf Interview MP3 here

Reed: It’s Reed Floren here, and I’ve got my friend James Renouf with, James are you here?

James: I’m here Reed, thank you.

Reed: Awesome. I just want to ask you a couple of questions. You know, for those
who don’t know, what got you involved in Internet marketing?

James: Well, it’s been a process that I’ve been involved with the last several years, what really got me started was need, and that being, my wife was pregnant with my first child, his name is Carter.

But at the time we needed some money. And look, a lot of people that is a great motivator when you need to make something to happen, and I had child coming to the world, had to make something happen fast. And that’s what led me to Craig’s list at the time, and I started doing a lot of things with that platform several years ago, and I started making money.

Once I made money, I made an information products, I made a PDF, which I started selling on how I was making money on Craig’s list, which then led me to getting an infomercial. So, I actually had infomercial of my very first e-book, which is…I don’t think I could ever reproduce that if I try.

So, it was just an unbelievable experience, and that has let me down the road to a bunch of other things. I definitely have the bug in terms of Internet marketing, and Craig’s list is part of what I have coming out now, so this is something I’ve been doing for several years, and I love Craig’s list for that, because it helps me make a lot of money, and give my family a better life, but it all started from finding out my son was coming into world, and didn’t want a second job. But I knew I need to do something out of my house, and that’s where it came from.

Reed: And that’s great. I mean, I got 2 kids myself, it’s wonderful to be there, and be home, and watch your kids grow up.

James: It’s awesome, it’s awesome, and everybody can have that opportunity, I firmly believe that.

Reed: Now, you’ve been working on something new, I think it’s called buyer arbitrage, now, what is that do?

James: Well, it does a lot of things. But the biggest thing is that it goes in this covers, the Internet, specifically Craig’s list all over the world. And it finds people in real time that are raising their hands, they’re saying I want to do something, I want to give you money, if you provide a service for me.

For example, I want you to do a SEO, I want you to build a website, I want you to do this, that, and the other thing. They’re saying, I need help, I need something done for me. And then, that’s part of the software.

The other part of the software is that it scans website called, which your listeners may, or may have not be able to hear that, but it goes and finds people that are wanting to do different services, and provide certain tasks for 5 dollars. So, we’re finding people that are willing to pay a premium on one side of the software.

We’re finding other people that are willing to do these services for a low amount of money, and you’re connected too. So, the people on the right, either they don’t know how to do it, or they have urgency problem, or it’s a big deal to them, and so therefore they need help. And you connect the two parties, and this is done in real time, you find all these people that want to buy on a right, you find all the people that can do it on a left, you connect the two, you don’t have to do any of the tasks yourself, you just connect the two, and you make a difference.

That’s why we use the term arbitrage. Arbitrage is a term that is used a lot in a stock world, but this is very fitting to this product, because you’re a connector, and you make a money for a difference.

Reed: So, your software, if you just type in like SEO, and then it will search Craig’s list for people that are looking to spend maybe a 100 bucks on some sort of SEO service. And then you go to Fiverr, and you spend 5 dollars to provide that service, and you basically make 95 dollars profit.

James: Well, it’s funny use that example, because in sales video that I was just doing for a half an hour, my recorder did not record, I actually went through, and use an example where was a 100 dollar, it wasn’t for a SEO, but it was for somebody want a WordPress site. That is one example now. That’s actually on a lower end. You could find items of people want to buy for 20 dollars, 100 dollars. You can also find items that people want to have a compass, for a thousands of dollars, literally.

And we had this out in Beta, we had certain people using this, and testing it, giving us ideas, letting us know of any bugs, and getting it where it needs to go for this launch to just coming out now. And there is people that have made $3,000 dollars to someone that traded SEO services, you brought up SEO, he traded SEO services, and was given a car for it.

Reed: Wow. That’s awesome.

James: Yes, that’s the kind a stuff that is going on right now. So, this is absolutely crazy. Because that’s what all boils down to Reed. You can look at all these different products out there, that talk about OK, Facebook traffic, and this is how you build a list, and this, this and that, this is all kind of smoke and mirrors, shiny objects stuff, this is proven to get you buyers, because that’s what it bulls down to, it’s about getting buyers.

And it’s simple as that. it’s not about having the way to get a million fans on Facebook, it’s about getting buyers. That’s how you get the money and this is a system that gives you literally just that. People that say, I want to give you money, if you can just give me this. And then you have an easy way to give them that.

Reed: That sounds like you don’t need any text fills at all. Anyone, you know, someone’s grandmother could do this, and make quite a bit of money.

James: That’s right, and that’s the thing, there is so much that divide us in the world. You know, I am a female, so therefore I can’t, or I am from this country, therefore I can’t, or I’m this age. There is all kinds of different things that people having assumption that they can’t do something, or it really does not matter.

And that’s a thing with this, is that, you don’t have to call anybody. You don’t have to make house calls, or anything like that. It’s all done, connecting through the software, and you can e-mail someone. That’s it, there is no calling involved, that some people has hesitation, it’s nothing like that. These are people that want your contact, you’re not spamming them. They’re giving you e-mail address for you to contact them, so you can give them what they’re looking fore.

Reed: Nice, that’s awesome. Now, this sounds like it might be kind of expensive, is it like thousands of dollars?

James: Well, we’ve gone back and forth on that, and we can sell it for a lot more. In fact, we’re going to. We’re going to sell it in a fourth figure range, of thousand dollars plus, but, and I hope I didn’t lose anybody this listening. We’re not going to do that today. We really want, and truly want to help people. We’re going to do this for a lot, lot less. We’re going to sell this for $47 dollars right now.

Reed: Oh, wow, that’s a no brainer.

James: Yes, it’s going to go up, there is no doubt that it’s going to go up, but we really believe in this, and we know that, if we give people this low price, when we come up with our products that are just as good as this, people are going to buy from us again.

That’s really what we’re doing this for, we’re want to get people on a low end. When you look at the sales video on this page, if I can ever get it recorded, I’m not going to have it, you know, the typical Lamborghini in a back, or a million dollar home, which is someone standing from, that they don’t own. I’m not going to do all that, because it’s not about that, and that’s where people fails, they get sucked into it, I do it too. I get sucked into these fancy sales videos, and then you buy it, and then you wish you haven’t.

This is going to have a quote and quote ‘boring video’. Boring, I don’t consider myself boring, but it’s not about the flash, it’s about the results. And I’ll walk you through this software and show you exactly how it’s bringing up these results in real time, and that’s what you want. You want the money in your pocket. You don’t want the shiny object, and this is what’s different about this particular platform.

Reed: Oh, definitely, I mean, it sounds like an awesome tool for anyone to use. So, where someone go about purchasing this?

James: You can go to, we’re going to give you a special link Reed, which you can include definitely in your correspondence, but also, if you go to, it will be out there.

Reed: Awesome, fantastic. Well, thanks James, this was a wonderful interview, and I think everyone who is listening needs to get this product.

James: I agree, and you know, I’m not just saying that because I’m selling it, I honestly know this works for me. It works for me for a quite some time, we invested over $20,000 dollars. We have a lot in this. This is not something we did in our basement yesterday.

This is something that we spent a lot of time, a lot of diligence, and went through a lot of pain to get you this software, that’s going to make it a lot easier for you. So, we know it works, we have the results, we have the feedback from people, that are using, our beta testers already. You could do it too.

Reed: Awesome.

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