Interview with Tim Ellis Creator of Amazon Domination Blueprint

I interviewed my friend Tim Ellis on his product Amazon Domination Blueprint and his product teaches you how to build cash generating Amazon sites that can start bringing in money for you in under 48 hours…

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Reed: Hey, it’s Reed Floren here, and I’m with my friend Tim Ellis, Tim are you online?

Tim: I’m here.

Reed: Awesome. So, for the people that are listening, they might not know how you got started. How did you get started with Internet marketing?

Tim: Actually I got started with Internet marketing back in the dinosaur age, back in 1999. That was, you know, it was, actually, there was a can’t think of the promotion now, he was giving away some type of contest for…I can’t think of it now, but anyway he was giving away a free stuff. Basically, when people got the free stuff, they would get a…

It was like a virgin age of e-mail marketing, they will get a free product, and then you would e-mail them, and you will up sell them another product. It was great for while, you know, but back then we didn’t know what we’re doing, and it was so easy. Back then you could build a website, and in 24 hours that website would be in a front of a Search Engine. So, it was easy to make money then.

The mistake that I made back then, is I didn’t look at the Internet marketing as a business, I looked at it as, you know, how to make money. And those guys who looked into it as business, still around, they kind of push people like me out of a business, when to about 2008. I started looking at this as a business, and I started creating my online business, actually around 2008. But that’s how

I started back in 1999, giving away products, and then you will get a e-mail to up sell your other products. Like I said it was a wild, wild west back then brother, but I learn a lot of hard lessons. I lost lot of money, until, I really start making money, so looking it at this as a business. And I stress to a lot of people on my list, a lot of people that are coaches. You have to look at this as a business, and not a get rich theme where to get money online thing.

Reed: You definitely do, I was marketing online back then as well. I remember all advantage and six figure income and all those types of things were pretty big at that time frame. And I too treated it like a hobby and not a real business. Didn’t really know what was going to happen, and then when that .com crash, We kind of panicked A lot of us just were running towards other stuff. I definitely feel you on that. Haha.

Tim: That is for sure.

Reed: So, since 2008, what all you’ve been doing online?

Tim: I started concentrating on ad sense in 2008, I started building a small army of ad sense sites. You know, a lot of people probably know me as the Amazon the Google Sniper guy because I’ve got a product that I released past summer, almost 2,000 copies on world forum, and then offside, I sold it outside a Warrior forum as well. I sold 2,000 copies. I made a lot of people rich.

Amazon is a good niche to get into, but a lot of people have that mindset, that you can just built one page on Amazon, and let that website, just go out and make you a lot of money. But it doesn’t work that way anymore, especially since the new updates. So, what I was doing in 2008 was kind of, I would build like 3 pages, whatever. But it didn’t worked, but you know, like everything in Internet marketing, when everybody starts doing it, and start making money, when Google starts to crack down on it. So, I readjusted last year I started teaching people how to build Amazon authority sites, and that’s basically what my the product I released in May, was how to build a website and then a good content.

Because there is no real secret to rank your website with Google, just build good content and you rank, you don’t have to worry about the Panda updates and all of those updates. Just build quality content and get build links naturally, and you will do well with ad sense. So, I did then 2008, I started building Amazon sites in 2009. And I was, you know, I did like most people do, they followed a cookie cutter approach to Amazon. You get one of those fancy Amazon things, and then you, you know, put up bunch affiliate ads, and then just pray and hope. And I didn’t, wasn’t making any money.

Until about…Maybe a year and a half ago. Around the first part of 2011. So, when I started doing, changing that method around, it actually taking a cue from Angie’s list, you know what Angie’s list. Which is like a review site of a different people, or merchants, whatever. The way the Angie’s list work so well is because people are there to suggest, not to sell you anything. They sell you on the customer or service. They are basically giving you suggestion, and that’s what I, I took a cue from that, and I changed my whole concept of how I approach Amazon.

Instead of building those cookie cutter Amazon sites, I started building Amazon suggestion sites. So, it’s not where I’m trying to sell you anything. Because people are smart, in 2012, they can tell affiliate site from a suggestion site, or a review site. So, what I did was, is took approach of building a site, like your suggestion to someone about the product, and I try to sell them. If people think you’re trying to sell them something, they will totally run from you.

That’s what I did, I started building suggestion site, I didn’t called it Amazon sites, I called them suggestion sites pretty much. And when I started doing it, I notice that my stores started picking up a lot. And I also added one more secret tip that I did, I see lot of Amazon people don’t do.

I started converting it about 30, 40 percent brother, yes, 30, 40 percent, by just one tip, and turning my Amazon site to suggestion site, and not the run of a mill Amazon site, where you just got whole bunch of banner ads, you got a picture of the product, and it looks spamy. It looks like a casino or something. To me Amazon looks like a casino, with the lights, blinking stuff.

Reed: You can spot those a mile away, when you look…

Tim: Run from that crap, everyone see that, people want to go to a website, that looks like a blog, looks like a concern citizen, who actually use the product, and who suggest you this product, this product is great, stay away from this product. People trust you more, actually, when you show, that’s what they, matter of fact, I’m releasing a product this Wednesday. I believe, what’s the date?

Reed: Seventeenth.

Tim: Seventeenth, yeah, I’m sorry, I’ve been busy trying to get this product brother. I’m not just teaching people how to build these sites, but how to connect to your customer, because a lot of people buy things when they feel like that you’re connecting with them. And the way you feel you’re connected with them, when you can spot emotional triggers inside them. When you’re looking for a certain product, and when you put an emotional trigger on your website, that they can relate you, then they tend to buy from them.

And that is the biggest thing you should be doing on Amazon, you want to connect to the customer, you want the customer to fell like that you know what they’re going through, and they trust you. When people trust you, they’ll buy from you. That’s basically what I got going on with this new product. But, I think, the biggest thing about this product, is going to make it, set it apart from the other Amazon products, is it has a built in traffic source.

Because most people, and you know Reed yourself, most people hate Google, and they hate SEO. People hate doing back links, hate trying you know, people surely hate pay traffic, I used to feed the Google monster too called pay per click, and if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re just going to feeding the monster.

So, the great thing about this product is that I have a build in traffic source, the people who get up and running within 48 hours, and start possibly getting sells on less than 48 hours, that’s what I never seen before, what any Amazon products is build in traffic source. Now, people are just, a lot of sites have, you know get traffic or whatever, but it’s like, you know, information secrets are tire kickers, but the traffic source that I show people how to get is buyers.

That’s what you want. I don’t care, I would rather have 20 people coming to my website, who are buyers then have 2,000 people come, and just looking for information. And this is what that traffic source does, it brings qualify buyers, qualify leads, the people are looking for the product that you’re selling. And no product offers that, so, and plus for the price, under $7 bucks, I mean, it’s, that’s basically giving it away.

But what I’m doing this, I’m testing it on the warrior forum to get reviews, and then once I get my reviews, I’m going to take it, I will have it maybe less than 30 days, and I’m going to take them straight to click bank, cause I think it’s that good, and I have a bunch of guys, a bunch of top guys, on world forum who tell me, you know, you should skip world forum and take that to click bank. But, I don’t think that’s right, I think, you know, the warrior forum has been good to me, I’m sure it’s been good to you Reed, and I want to give back, you know.

Reed: It’s definitely always good to give back. Now, with these, you know, Amazon suggestion sites, you know, what exactly goes into that, how do you do this emotional triggers with that. Is there difference between that, or just a regular blog or something that someone puts up?

Tim: The difference is, we’re going to be, well, I show you how to find your customer, but the person who is looking at that product, I show you where to find those guys, OK, where to find them, find out what you’re talking about, find out what your concerns are, and then you take their concerns, and you turn it against them, you put it on your blog, so when they go to your website, and they see, wow, this guy, he must be talking to me, haha.

Well, that’s the thing that people, a lot of people don’t do in marketing. They put up their blog, they put up, you know, they might have great content, but you’re not connecting to the customer, because they don’t know what that customer want to buy, they don’t know what that customer is going through. That thing, that’s the psychology in a marketing, how can you sell something to someone, if you don’t know what they’re going through.

Reed: Sure. Can you give like an example?

Tim: One of the best example I can give is going to Amazon sometimes. Going to Amazon, finding out what the product is, and then doing a background search on that product. And you can probably find, if you go to do a background searching that product in private forums around that product, around people who are looking for that private forums, and then you go to those forms, and you can find out what are people looking for in a product, the things that emotionally keys that people are actually looking for in that products.

And you just take it, and you could actually take that, and reword it in your own words, and put it on your website. So, say that person who’s goals look for that product, they go to forum look for that certain product, or looking for suggestion about the product, they go looking for the product, and they go to your website, and you’re speaking their language.

Cause they just put another form that they were looking for, and they go to your website, and you are speaking your language, any you’re asking your questions on your suggestion sites, and you ease their fears. That’s one of the biggest thing that people in Internet marketing fail to do, they don’t know the psychology of the market.

Reed: It really sounds like you’re getting paid to help people, and there is no better way to make money than that.

Tim: There is no better way brother, no better way. That’s what we’re doing in this business. That’s the biggest mistake that new internet marketers make, they get in this to sell, or to make money, but you shouldn’t come across that way, you should come across, trying to be a help, or trying to help people out.

People, you know, there was a book that I read, a power persuasion, I can’t think the name of the author, but they did a test, it was 2 guys, it was a 3 guys in a room, and they were just sitting there, they were doing test. The guy get up, he went out, he came back, and he brought one of the guys Coke, and he just handed a guy a Coke, or whatever, and at the end of the test, he said, hey, I’m doing a charity fund raiser, I don’t know if you can help me out, he asked a guy he gave a Coke to. The guy felt obligated to help him in his charity.

And that’s one of the psychology we’re using with this product. When you help people out, they almost feel obligated to your link, and that’s a biggest mistake, I say the lot of Internet marketers make, you have to make your visitor feel obligated to pay to your link, and that’s by helping them out, and not by trying to sell them something.

Reed: Sure, it’s reciprocity.

Tim: There it is, 100%. That is the biggest mistake that we make in internet marketing, we don’t use that law. And that’s what this product is all about. Is helping people find what they’re looking for, and they will feel obligated to buy from you.

Reed: Nice. This is like under $7 dollars. (Yes). $ 6,97. Nice, that’s awesome. What if someone go about getting this product?

Tim: I’m going to be selling this on a Like I said, it’s going to be Wednesday, around a one o’clock Pacific coast time. And I don’t have a link now, because it’s not live. But I’m sure you can put it up, I’ll send it to you Reed if you want to put it up.

Reed: Sure, yes, I’ll put a link, after our interview, right underneath.

Tim: Cool. So, it’s going to be on a warrior forum, it’s only going to be up for less than 30 days, I now it’s going to be there for 30 days, and then I would move it to click

Reed: Then it will be a much higher price then.

Tim: I think I can sell thing, the traffic source by itself, I believe it’s worth hundreds of dollars. It could be a product all by itself. Like I said, and not only it would, can you use it for my product. You can use it for any other website that you have. Or affiliate sites you have, ad sense sites you might have, other old Amazon sites you might have, it works. So, I said, this traffic source is worth of price as a mission, brother.

Reed: Nice, is there any chance you can give us a hint what that traffic source is?

Tim: It’s going to be used in social media, used in a combination of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Reed: Trifecta of traffic.

Tim: It’s going to be great, I’m telling you. Because in these days, if you’re not getting social media traffic, if you’re not moving people of to YouTube, and Facebook and Twitter, then you’re not in this business brother, you’re wasting your time. But I don’t want anybody to think that it’s going to be complicated, cause it’s not. The traffic source can be put up and have it up and running in 30 minutes, if you do exactly what I tell you to do.

Reed: Nice, that’s awesome. It sounds like a really powerful product and for under a $7 dollars is complete no brainer for anyone listening. So, are you guys at your listening to this recording, you need to go out, and check out Tim’s product, and get it. I’m sure it’s going to be awesome, anything he does sells really well. I’ve been following him for a while on the warrior forum, and Amazon is really hot right now, and this traffic source sounds incredible. So, thank you Tim, thanks for being on the call, I’m really appreciate you’re doing this.

Tim: Thank you for all your support Reed, you’ve always been helpful, and I really appreciate, you backing my products. I think I could be anywhere without you brother, I really appreciate it.

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