Have You Ever Had Krumkake?

The other day I was at Minnehaha Falls in
Minneapolis and there was a huge Norwegian
celebration going on called “Norway Day”

They had music, Scandinavian toys/gifts
for sale and of course Norwegian food.

At one of the stands I ordered Krumkake.

In case you haven’t had it, it’s a Norwegian
waffle cookie, very similar to a waffle
ice cream cone. It’s quite yummy!

Anyways it was close to the end of the event
and the lady gave me two boxes of Krumkake
for the price of one. Talk about a good deal!

I got to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall while
having a delicious treat. I love my life.

But the best part…

Unlike most of the people at the event, I was
actually making money while I was having fun.

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you are on a computer or not?

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Reed Floren

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