Article directories are sites which contain free articles. The people who own these articles will place them there as a means of promoting something. Each article contains a byline which has the author’s (or owner’s) name and a link to their website. This lets readers contact people for more information if they feel so inclined.

Articles Directories offer a great way to make money from your articles. People who are interested in what you have to offer can read your article – and if your article is informative and entertaining, they will see you as an expert in your field and are likely to visit your website. If you don’t know enough about the topic you intend to write on, you can always hire a copywriter to do it for you. It may be somewhat expensive to get well written and researched articles, but they will pay for themselves quickly in terms of affiliate commissions they can get for you – and after that, it’s all profit!

Let’s take an example from real life – think of an accountant who works from home. The accountant writes an article about accounting and uploads it to some article directories. People looking for information on accounting will read this article, see that our accountant is an expert on the subject and may then visit his or her site to learn more and even get in touch about having the accountant provide some of their services for them. This article has just netted our accountant a new client; they may become a repeat client, but there is definitely one paid job which has resulted.

When you post your articles on a free article directory, other people who have affiliate programs in relevant fields to your own are likely to use your article for their sites as well – and since they will have your byline on this article, this will get you even more traffic for your affiliate marketing site! You get the benefits of your own traffic, as well as the traffic of any website which uses your article on their own; this can help you to quickly build your affiliate marketing business.

There are a lot of different article directories out there which you can use. The best course of action is to post your article to every directory to find; this will increase your exposure. This will lead to more traffic, more customers and of course, higher profits for you.