As the cost of fuel rises people are flocking to the internet to find new ways of making money. Everyone from bloggers to serious webmasters are looking to maximize profits on the internet. One great way of getting cash from your site is affiliate marketing. With affiliate, marketing you can realize good cash flow quickly. To maximize your profits you can use Google Adsense also, as long as you have rich content and good traffic to your site it will be a breeze.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Why not make a profit on someone else’s product? With affiliate marketing, you make a profit by legally selling another persons product. Even if you have, your own line of products that you already sell on your site you can still benefit from affiliate marketing programs. As an online retailer, you could market products that compliment the ones you currently offer.

The affiliate marketing relationship can be easily understood. You, the affiliate agree to allow the merchant to advertise their product on your website. The merchant then agrees to pay you based on the terms set out in your agreement. For instance, you may earn a percentage of the purchase price or a flat rate per sale. That leaves you cashing in on very little effort. Of course, the merchant benefits to because he is not out any extra for advertising. A true win/win situation for everyone.

There are many more compensation plans for affiliates out there. You being the website owner will want the method that brings you the best money. The most common methods of pay are pay-per-click, pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale. All of these plans have pros and cons. Pay-per-click is preferred by some because all you have to do is guide traffic to the merchant. A potential customer clicks onto their site and you get paid. The pay-per-lead option is a bit more intensive since the potential customer must register on the merchant’s site. Finally, pay-per-sale is pretty much self -explanatory you only are paid if there is a complete sale. The benefit of the latter two is that usually the compensation is higher than pay-per-click.

Earning decent money on affiliate programs takes more than a good compensation plan. You can have the best compensation plan on the planet but if you do not have good traffic to and from your site then it is pointless. The more visitors you have the better chance you have of making a lot of money on your affiliate-marketing program.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is another type of affiliate program. With Google Adsense, Google is actually the middleman. The affiliate merchant signs up with Google and submits their ads to them. These ads are really cleverly disguised links back to the affiliate merchant’s website. These ads will now come up in a Google search and on your website if you are an Adsense affiliate. Now every time someone clicks the ads on your site you begin to accrue money in your Google Adsense account. The ads will have different rates and conversions.

It is true that Google Adsense and affiliate marketing are a lot alike there are also some differences. With Google Adsense, all you must do is place a code containing links to merchants on your website. From there Google takes over, they track the clicks and purchases that come from the special code you placed on your site. Moreover, since Google strives to make sure the ads pertain to your site both you and the merchant win. You get to offer people on your site more products and the merchant gets the benefit of having traffic from a related website. In other words people who are already looking for things similar to what the merchant is offering.

Google Adsense is a strictly pay-per-click based affiliate program. The merchant pays Google a set amount per click then Google passes part of that on to you. The part you get is what is left after Google collects their fees. Once you reach payout, Google pays you by check once a month. The nice thing about Google Adsense is you can track the activity from your site. This way you keep up with which ads are paying well and how your site is doing overall.

So, where does all of these lead us?

Money, money and more money! No matter whether you are the affiliate or the merchant Google Adsense will work for you. For the merchant you will save a mint because you will not have to advertise, your affiliate will do all that for you. For the webmaster you get to do what you enjoy, build great websites! Then you simply use Google Adsense with any other affiliate-marketing program of your choice and watch the money roll in! You will have the best of all worlds by being paid while doing what you love.