Whether you are inexperienced when it comes to affiliate marketing, you will find that you need to know about two tier affiliate programs.  Two tier affiliate programs can represent an important type of income to you, so make sure that you learn about it and what it can do for you. At the most basic level, all that a two tier affiliate program is is that wherever you sign on new affiliates, also known as second tier affiliates, you will receive a commission whenever they do.

When you are working on a two-tier system, you will find that being in the first tier is essentially no different from working as a basic affiliate marketer.  The only difference comes around when you are looking to add on that all important second tier of sub-affiliates, where you will start earning commissions while they do most of the work!  While there are some affiliate programs that will take this concept even further and let you work on multiple tiers, it is worth noting that this will run into some limitations and more complex problems.   As the number of tiers go up, so too does the number of people who are just looking to make some money off of other people’s work.

When you are looking at two tier marketing, you will find that it is also called multilevel marketing.  If you are going to be a part of an affiliate program, you will find that you will start out as the first tier.  The first person that you sign up is going to be the second tier that is referred to in the title, and if it is a multi level offering, you will find that you will also consider the people that they sign up part of your network.  Remember that multilevel marketing, also known as MLM is losing the momentum that it once had; today, with so many affiliate opportunities to choose from, you will find that many people prefer to switch from one opportunity to another

Remember that you cannot depend on your second tier to be a reliable source of income for you.  If you are looking to make money using the two-tier program, you will find that you need to think about choosing your affiliate merchant very carefully.  Make sure that you are going to get a fairly high, fairly reliable stream of primary income.  The income coming in from your second tier should be secondary, and you should make sure that you are selling quality product and working with people who have good advertising infrastructures in place.  You will also find that a good merchant will give you a high visitors to sales conversion rate in order to safeguard your investments.

If you are working with a merchant, make sure that they have a good, user friendly site that is as good to you as you are to your clients!  Remember that you should always be able to monitor your own sales to understand what you are bringing in and what you are making.  Look for a merchant that has lots of tools to offer you.

If you are promoting poor products or bad services, you are wasting your time, wasting your efforts and perhaps damaging your reputation beyond repair.  If you recommend a product that isn’t going to do the job, remember that they are not going to give you a second chance; you can kiss that customer goodbye forever!  When you go to pick what affiliate program you want to be a part of, make sure that you research it and make sure that you can keep your visitors trust.  When you are looking to make sure that you are getting into the right opportunity, beware of those that want you to sell memberships more than they want you to sell products.  This means that you should beware of systems with low pay first tiers and high-pay second tiers.

Make sure that when you think about affiliate marketing that you think about what has to be done when you are looking for single or two-tier programs. Both programs have merit, but think about both of them.

With a two tier profit program, you will have the potential for high sales and for commissions from your second tier.  You will also have more customers to work with and because of this, you income will be a great deal more stable and impressive.  You will find that you can nurture life long site and brand loyalty in this fashion if you are careful.

With the two-tier system, if you keep the right information in mind, you will be able make a real difference to your income.  Make sure that you get the profits that you need, do your research and take a look at how you can make this system work for you!