Are you looking for an online income but lack money or experience to begin your own business? There are many online opportunities out there for first timers. One of the very best is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a great program for first time online marketers. It gives you the opportunity to begin selling without your own product. It is very easy simply sign up with an affiliate-marketing program then choose your products. Affiliates are paid by the original merchant on a percentage or commission basis. You recommend the product or send visitors to their site and once a purchase is complete, you have earned your commission.

It is easy to become an affiliate in an affiliate marketing program and best of all it cost you absolutely nothing. In spite of all the potential earnings and bonuses offers by affiliate programs many people still hesitate. This may be because they do not have a website to start putting affiliate marketing on. That leads us to the real question of the day; do you have to have a website to participate in affiliate programs?

General consensus says that you can do affiliate marketing even if you have no website to begin with. In fact, you may never need to get a website at all. There are many ways to promote and market affiliate products without one. Some strategies even work better without a website.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing consists of maintaining a good customer list of email addresses. This is one of the most popular affiliate marketing strategies. What you basically must do is maintain the email ads containing articles of relevant information for your customers. Give your customers good content not just a spammy looking ad. These emails are annoying and counter productive. Instead, look for content that is informational then place inconspicuous ads within the text or in a small ad box.

Hard Copy Promotion:

Do not forget there are offline resources available to you also. Take out a classified ad in the local paper or better yet a free circular. You can make your own flyers and brochures and distribute them for free in the market place. Classifieds are usually better than the others are because you will reach a larger audience.

Free E-books:

If you have a talent for writing, you can write your own e-book to promote your affiliate program. No need for a website with the use of e-books. Similar to your emails it is preferable if your e-books are not overblown ads. Actually, give some good information that is relevant to what you are selling. Make it enjoyable to read and place your links and banners gently throughout the book, perhaps in links at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, use the last page as your advertisement adding links to your merchant’s site.

Free Ezines:

Still in the writing genre are ezines, these are articles or publications aimed at a specific topic. Ezines are great tools especially if you are not maintaining a website. Create good content and like the e-books add affiliate links. The nice thing about ezines is you have the option of submitting it to other sites for publication. Places like or are good places to submit your free ezine articles.

Free Online Discussions:

Online discussions, chats and forums are an excellent tool whether you have a website or not. Search out the boards that have topics similar to the product you are promoting. Then you can direct people interested in your product to the affiliate merchant. This will be highly convertible traffic because they have already expressed an interest.

As you can see, there are several strategies that really do not require a website to be profitable. You can start an affiliate marketing campaign with many of the resources that are currently in place. While it is easy to begin an affiliate program without a website the key is making it profitable. There is enormous success possible in affiliate marketing however; it is rare that a newbie achieves it.

You will not have to build a website for affiliate marketing unless the program owner requires it. It is still smart to begin working towards having your own website. To begin with it may not be necessary but the sooner you can afford one the better. A website gives you a permanent page that you can creatively market affiliate links on. This will get your information out to a potentially larger clientele.

Once again, it is not required that you have your own website to promote affiliates, but there are many advantages. A website will make your life much easier and that friend translates into a larger online income.