How to Outsource Your Article Marketing

Your site content tells the world about your website. It will basically describe to various individuals what your site is about and what you have to offer them. Website content articles make a world of difference for your website, since they can capture the attention of visitors and keep them on your site.

Good website content is beneficial for clearly letting others know what you have to share with them, while it can also lead potential clients to your site. Your website can become more profitable when you get more traffic. Whether or not it is for profit, the success of a site increases your traffic flow.

How do good quality content articles drive your online traffic? You will find that many search engines rely on keyword and keyword phrases of any site to list it in their results. When your content contains a good number of keywords or keyword phrases, it can reach the top ranking in the search engine results.

Keep in mind, however, that search engines do filter out any keyword abuse, so you should never plaster your site with them. Well written, good content articles with the right amount of keywords and keyword phrases are essential.

Many individuals lack the time to write their own website content and articles. It takes time to get use to researching and learning how to write good content and articles. However, there are many writers all over the world, that can do just that, when you need them.

Since many individuals do not have the time available to learn how to write content and articles designed for the internet, there are various writers who already have the experience of doing so, while only charging a minimal fee for their work. Such writers are regarded as experts in this style of writing and can be of assistance when you are reaching for the top rankings of the search engines.

They can provide your site with meaningful content articles which are impressive to your site visitors, while luring others to view your site, as well as helping your reach the highest ranking of the search engines. Every website can benefit from more targeted traffic.

Meanwhile, there are those individuals who require papers to be completed for their office or school. Top writers world wide are knowledgeable and skilled in research, needed to complete the job correctly. They are very proficient in various writing styles that will suit the needs of their clients.

Worldwide, many writers charge a minimal fee, depending upon the type of writing work  and word count required of the content. Generally, a 250 word article will run between for $5-10 dollars, depending on their ability and experience. All in all this is a small price to pay, for having a site rich in content or for a paper that is well researched and written for you.

Many websites offer these types of services, with a team of experienced and well trained writers. Their services may cover any type of writing requirements. A writer can live anywhere in the world and offer you good content and articles, as each is double checked, proofread and edited, so you know you are getting a fair deal.

Finding a website or a good writer that offers various types of services can be found by simply using the search engines. Type out your keyword or keyword phrase, such as Article Writers or Content Writers, and you will find a list of such service sites.

Keep in mind that the top sites are often the best, since they are doing such a good job of keeping their content at the highest of quality to rank higher on the list. You should be able to shop around as well as reading some of their sample articles to gain an idea of their charges per request.


  • Fred

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Great tips Reed. I have completely outsourced all article writing for myself and my clients. It was liberating!

  • Brett McEllhiney

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008


    Great article! I was looking to take some commissions that I have made from a site and turn that around into outsourcing some additional articles.

    I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a good place to look for someone to write articles in the area of hobbies and crafts?

    Also, what specifications do you normally give someone when you are having your articles outsourced? I.E. keyword density, keywords to use, article length, etc?



    Brett McEllhineys last blog post..JV Giveaway Offering $1000 to Top Promoter of The New Year Giveaway!

  • Shawn Horwood

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    I have found that you can actually get some pretty good articles for much less than $5-10 for a 250 word article. In fact, I have seen some pretty good articles come out of people from that were 500 words and only cost $3 an article.
    Some other great website I know a lot of people use are and
    The only caution with these is that you check people’s stats and comments from people who have dealt with them before, so you know the quality of their work. Never accept an offer from someone who is brand new.
    Shawn Horwood

  • Alan Cheng

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Another great post Reed.

    One of the problems with people looking for ghostwriting articles is that they want it done cheap. For example $2 an article and they expect it to contain valuable information and written in good English.

    A good ghostwriter will not spend 30 minutes writing an article for $2. So if you want good content, you need to pay for it.

    Here’s my squidoo lens which has more information on outsourcing article marketing..

    What you need to know is why you want to write articles. If you want to get business and create a name for yourself, then people must find value in reading your content and have trust in you.

    However, I do stress that one should learn how to write articles themselves in the long term. You can’t rely on outsourcing it forever. The money adds up 🙂

    Alan Chengs last blog post..Ghostwriter Miscommunicates With His Customer

  • Shawn Horwood

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Hey Brett,
    I know you were probably asking Reed, but I will share with you what I know about outsourcing.
    I mentioned in my previous comment some good places to outsource for any topic, and I would recommend most highly
    The keywords you want them to use the keywords you are trying to rank for. You want keywords that will lead to conversions, so keywords that your customers would be targeting if they were looking for what you have to offer. You want to use your main keywords about once in every paragraph and you want to use related keywords throughout the article (your secondary and tertiary keywords).
    As for article length, it depends on where you plan on submitting the articles. Different article directories have different rules about the lengths of the articles, so I always get a 500 word version of the article, a 1,000 word version of the article, and a 1,500 word version of the article so I can submit them to a couple hundred directories. If you are only looking to submit them to a few directories then just check their rules to see how long the articles have to be. If you are just posting them on your website or blog, then it is as long as you would like really. I would generally aim for 500 words, as most people do not like to read really long articles.
    I hope that helped Brett!
    Shawn Horwood

  • Ari Lestariono

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Great articles and topic, in my opinion if you are newbies better to write your own articles to your blog since you are the only one who knows about your niche and readers audience, if only you have reach the next level of steady income and you have gain practical experience then it’s wise to outsource articles.Great posting Reed

    Ari Lestarionos last blog post..10 Tricks To Avoid Flu and Survive During Cold

  • Shawn Horwood

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    I disagree Ari. If you are a newbie then that is when it is most beneficial to pay others to write articles for you. If you are a newbie, then you will not have as much experience or knowledge as someone who has been involved in your niche for years. Also, you may not be a very good writer yet. If you outsource you can find people that have been in the niche for years and therefore have far more experience and knowledge than you, and they are probably better writers, especially if you are paying $5-10 because you can get a professional writer to write for you.
    When you are more experienced, then it is better to write your own articles and outsource at the same time in order to double your results. That is my opinion.
    Shawn Horwood

    Shawn Horwoods last blog post..Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits System

  • Greg

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008


    As usual, your article was good reading.

    Indeed $5-$10 is a small price to pay to have rich, well written content.

    Some useful comments have been added too.


  • Jbode

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Hey Reed Great information on outsourcing articles, I believe everyone should be doing this.

    I like the idea of searching in the search engines for niche specific article sites.

    I wanted to share about a new article outsourcing site that is offering really great prices along with quality articles (you can reject if you’re not happy)

    basically for a 100 word article it cost $2
    a 200 word article cost $4
    and a 350 word article cost $6

    you also need to supply keywords and sites for them to research, which is better because you will get the content you want.

    Hope this helps with your article outsourcing

  • Martha Tucker

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Reed, I love your articles, but unlike this one, I like the ones you write with at least one link to a resource. For you, or any writer, those are the articles I think are meaningful. I’m learning to do that more with my own.
    Just a little note, maybe it’s because I’m lazy, and knowing what to look for is not enough. I want the writer to take me by the hand and lead me there with the click of my wrist.

    Martha Tucker

  • Craig Mullins

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Reed, are you actually writing these posts or are you farming these out also?

    When you write these you never give any juicy details on how to actually get the job done. I am sure it would help the beginner tons to give em a break and just introduce em to some rock star writers!

    Why not give out your top 5 people who write articles for you for 5 bucks an article.

    Many people have tried job boards only to get screwed over by crapy articles that barely resemble the English language.

    It’s not easy to find good overseas writers. I have finaly put together a great team of writers, but along the way have been introdced to many crappy writers. I have had to weed thru literally hundruds of bad writers…

    Craig Mullinss last blog post..Lead Based Paint Disclosure – Make Sure You Do It!

  • Matthew Lord

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Article marketing is alive and well! Another great post Reed. It cracks me up to see people who say articles do not convert. I have written over 200 of them myself, and am now looking to outsource!

  • Geoff Dodd

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Reed, I think you should FIRE your ghost article writer.. He’s spookin’ me out with his/her roundabout waffling style! A lot of ideas get repeated 🙂 There – got it out. Outsourcing your article marketing carries a RISK – that you’re not experienced as Authentic. After a while the ‘style’ or personality shows through and this ‘Ghost’ is a professional waffler, not an Entrepreneur like YOU. Good sources were actually supplied by Shawn:, and followed up with word numbers and specifics. I know – you gotta outsource – as TIME and speed of implementation are critical factors for the buzzing entrepreneur online!
    Go forth and outsource to win.

    Geoff Dodd

  • R.C. Beckom

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    I know that we can not all use the same keywords, but in general if you could give a person a idea of what type of keywords would attract search engines to pick your site up and boot your site to number one position. some of this stuff sounds easy, until one makes the attempt to try it. A bit more info would help

  • Anna Kindler

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Hey Reed, Good infomation as always. Didn’t know about outsourcing, but I figure if I stick with you I will over time become an affiliate marketer. Thanks Anna

  • Asher

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Hi Reed,

    Outsourcing is a great way to leverage off another person’s expertise and it’s something that’s highly recommended.

    For websites, there are, just to name a couple.

    They’re good but learning how to outsource properly is a skill that needs to be learnt… or buy a product that teaches how to outsource properly.


    Ashers last blog post..How To Make $1,100,000 in 39 Days

  • Shawn Horwood

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Hey R.C.
    Reed cannot just tell you what keywords, because that’s not how it works. You have to try to rank in the search engines for specific keywords. You choose which keywords would be most beneficial for you to rank with, and then you go and have articles written that are optimized for those keywords. You cannot rank number one unless you know what keyword(s) you are trying to rank for. That is why Reed cannot give you that information.
    Shawn Horwood

    Shawn Horwoods last blog post..Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits System

  • Nickolove Lovemore

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Hi Reed,

    Some great advice regarding outsourcing your articles and the follow-up comments were very helpful as well.

    For an excellent free resource on all aspects outsourcing including article writing and copywriting I highly recommend checking out:

    Best wishes


    Nickolove Lovemores last blog post..Increase Your Failure Rate to Increase Your Success Rate

  • Ron S.

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Hi Reed, Brett, Matthew & Craig,

    I just thought of introducing my self here to help you all professionally, as Reed just mentioned about professional article writers. You got a professional web copywriter right here, Reed.

    I am a Premium Quality Web Copywriter who loves to assist Internet Marketers in their endeavour to create and run a highly sucessful business online.

    I can a lot for my clients.

    I passionately write copy for the web. I would be happy to help you out in your requirements.

    I can write:

    Web Content.
    Article Writing.
    Report Writing.
    Blog Writing.
    Journal Writing.
    Ad Copy Writing.
    eBook Writing.
    SEO CopyWriting.
    Sales Letters.
    Press Releases.
    Editing & Formatting.
    Proof Reading.

    Or Just Anything That An Internet Entrepreneur / Internet Marketeer / Internet Business Asks For.

    Quality is Guaranteed. 100%. Original, Unique & Smart Content that your readers will eat it like Ice Cream.

    I would like to mention that quality writers charge quality rates for quality output. You pay for quality content as it brings greater amount of traffic and connects better with readers thus providing you goodwill from the visitor who will then transform him/her self as your new client/customer. Now, you want repeat business so you got to find someone who has a habit of giving their best while they do their job with expertise.

    I Will Be Writing A Lot Of Quality Information Very Soon On Internet Marketing & Web CopyWriting Here: *Use Firefox / Chrome for best viewing. Enjoy!

    if you have any questions or queries, please email me at info(at)

    I’d be happy to help. Thanks a ton Reed!

    Ron S.
    Skype: WebCopyWriter

  • PV Reymond

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Hi Reed,

    Outsourcing article marketing is what lot of successful people do.

    When you are running a successful business you focus on crucial elements and you outsource the rest.

    In this case, if you have a budget you can outsource article writing and focus on other things, because writing and submitting articles takes time if you do it on a regular basis.

    ^PV Reymond

    PV Reymonds last blog post..Twitter Tools

  • Mike Lawson

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Hey Reed,

    I see about twenty new blog topics coming out of this post. lol

    I will direct my comments here to the other side of the street; that of a content provider. I’ll address issues for both the DYI article marketer and those looking to outsource the work.

    Writing good articles is neither an impossible nor even a difficult task. It simply takes time to learn and become skilled at performing it well. You’ll be surprised how easy it becomes and how much quicker you accomplish it with time.

    The Do-It-Yourself Group:

    I would recommend that all newbies to the world of internet marketing write their own articles at the onset of their business. I say this for two reasons:

    * You learn early on what makes a good article; whether you write it or hire it done for you. You will do more harm for your business than good if your distribute sub-standard content across the Internet. It also defrays start-up expenses at a critical time in most cases.

    * You learn everything there is to know about your niche through the research you must do. You grow into a legimate expert in your field and not just a parrot of what the product producer says.

    Before you write the first word, go to the major players in the field and see HOW you must write to be accepted on their sites. As pointed out elsewhere in this thread, every directory or submissions service has their own set of rules for accepting content for publication.

    I do an end-run around all of that and use a submissions service that submits articles to over 5,000 publishers with one click of the mouse. Articles are not distributed until they meet the criteria required by all publishers for acceptance. It makes life easier and it’s free to boot.

    Here are some key factors to make permanent habits in your article writing program:

    * People read about 20% slower online than in print. If you make it hard for them, expect to lose them early on. Write in bursts of 8-14 words per sentence in paragraphs of 3-5 sentences maximum. Use sub-titles often.

    * Internet surfers are scanners first, readers second. They arrive at your article page while following the “information scent” they sniffed out through their search criteria. They scan the page in an “F” pattern looking for hints of the scent that brought them there. If they don’t find it on the scan – zoom – they’re gone. You have about 5-15 seconds to catch their interest.

    * Use your main keywords in your titles and sub-headings when possible. Use keywords at or near the beginning of the first sentence in paragraphs. This makes it easier to “sniff” them out in a quick scan for the “information scent.”

    * The rules for numbers are different online than offline. It’s “ok” to use numerals instead of spelling our numbers less than 10. It enhances the scanability of the piece by offering a quick glimpse at the statisical content in the piece.

    * Bulleted/numbered lists are your friend. Use them often. It is not recommended, however to mix them up – use either/or per piece you write.

    * Avoid the passive voice. It drags your content out and slows the readers progress; often causing them to leave. You will usually find the passive voice around verbs that end in “ing.”

    ^ For Pete’s sake, use a word processor to write on that has a good spell/grammar checker on it. I run an article directory as well and will tell you firsthand: spelling and grammar count. Publishers are building a reputation with their sites and simply won’t publish the “also rans.”

    The Outsourcing Crew:

    Not too much to say here other than you get what you pay for in most cases. A motorcross friend of mine told me years ago I have found useful in any number of situations:

    “If you have a $10.00 head, buy a $10.00 helmet.”

    If you want professionally written content that captures your target audience and sells the click on your link in the author’s box expect to pay more than $5-10.00.

    I hire and fire writers all day long. My rule of thumb is this: if it takes me longer than 5 minutes to edit a piece, I kick it back to the writer or fix it myself and don’t that writer again.

    If you are using a provider that sends you work you must edit heavily, replace them. Your time is too valuable to do work you already paid to have done.


    Mike Lawson

  • Ari

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Reed, like Craig I’d expect more from your articles than just stating the obvious.

    Congratulations, Mike. Your comment has added valuable content to this page. I sincerely hope Reed learns from it…and starts giving away some useful, practical information to his readers.

  • Dave

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Thanks for the ideas. I personally find it hard to trust someone else to write what I want written. Though I know I need to get over it. Not that I think I’m a great writer because I don’t. It is the spirit of what I want written that doesn’t always match mine.
    As you can see I like sharing ideas of my own on my blog at Ideas for outdoor Living. Thanks again you write great articles.

    Daves last blog post..How to Attract Birds to Your Yard

  • Hey Shawn and Mike – way to go. I got some great info from you. I’m not in the position to outsource yet but I’ve taken notes.

    I have not tried this service yet but it looks very good, maybe somebody has and can comment.

  • Gamini

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Thanks Mike for your excellent comments.I do not agree on a few things though.a) A newbie can hardly afford US$5 per article some times.Then their only option may be to get a 3rd world content writer who would do atleast an article with researched content and Key worlds and phrases.A couple of hours for editing , proof reading etc. for a newbie who is about to write the articles himself may not matter much!

    b)All surfers are not speed readers.They a take longer time.When surfers want hard to find information seriously they are willng spend a longer time.I agree that this may not apply to Top rung marketers.

    c)If you spend more for articles it does not stop there.You will need expensive websites,Hosting services, autoresponders and what not.Certainly not for newbies.
    d)another good site for Free lancers is services are free.Lowest rate may be $0.5 each 350 to 450 word article.Its true you get what you pay for.But what you pay for in USA for a particular service is not the same as what you pay in India or any other south asian country( developement etc.).Its not different for article writing either.
    e)Generally you do not pay service providers in advance.So you always have the option to reject substandard stuff!But the other side of the coin is that there are many who are willing to cheat the beggers by avoiding the payment once they get the work done.(The excuse of “Poor quality” does not hold true in all cases because i personally know a young lady who gets regular work at US$15.00 each article from some USA buyers but had the unpleasent experiance of some others defaulting simultaneously.Admittedly one has to be careful when outsourcing services.But the same rule applies to even when buying an e-book or a software on line!

  • Vida Humphreys

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Hi all, thanks for the good info. My experience with article writers has been varied. I’ve tried some very expensive writers that I didn’t think did all that great. One site I go back to is They do a pretty good job unless you need “in depth” writing such as you’d use in a report….and they’re reasonably priced (about $5/article). When you get 20 or so articles on your site, I find that I can “recycle” some of the info into another article using the same keywords.

  • Slavica Todorovic

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Great Article and comments,at first in sense of making people thinking and discussing in a way we get useful informations and complete our knowledge.
    There is a difference in thinking,which is good as well.
    I intended to start article writing but cost of work is really low-/ keep in your mind some write in a high style,looks like literature work,being i am one of them,i can’t accept such writing.I arrange my own Blog,writing on my favorite masterpieces weaved by self improvement ,i experienced myself.
    In regards to keywords i think i am wrong about applying them,after reading that keyword must be involved in content ,which I’m not doing always,using one, is not .Maybe,one of the next posts be dedicated to keyword researching.

    Slavica Todorovics last blog post..Christmas-In the Glory of the Love

  • Slavica Todorovic

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    I hope there would not be problem for leaving one comment more.
    i pressed link:
    How to Attract Birds to Your Yard
    posted by one of your visitor here named Dave.
    Hi Dave!
    i liked your blog post,it made me a smile on face ,i am really exciting!This is awesome!
    May i get approval to put a link from your site to my blog?
    Do you know what means for me to meet a simple text,it seems has just arrived from a Fairy tale.Especially,looking at Internet where everyone talk about making money.
    Thank you

    Slavica Todorovics last blog post..Christmas-In the Glory of the Love

  • Emmanuel Mba

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    Hi Reed,
    Another excellent article.
    I would like some recommendation on outsourcing and where is the best way to secure one.
    Thanks again

    Emmanuel Mbas last blog post..This Will Take Affiliate Marketing To The Next Level!

  • Campbell

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008


    Excellent article as always. Waiting for you to publish your Top Ten Outsourcing Companies recommendation list. Referrals of this type from people I respect get my attention, not blind marketing or advertising.

    Merry, Merry!

    Campbell & Associates

  • Christine Imamshah

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    I, too, have tried outsourcing recently. I was referred to a site called Cyberhub by another relatively successful internet marketer who had used this company and had very good experiences with them.

    They charged me $3 per article and I definitely got what I paid for as they were really crappy. Some were unreadable in that they made no sense at all. Most were not relevant to the keywords I gave them.

    Eventually I had to basically re-write them all (thank God I only bought 20 to try the service) as I got so frustrated trying to edit them.

    Just wanted to post this so your readers could know what it’s like when you do not get good articles for your outsourcing efforts.

    I enjoyed reading this post and especially the comments where I have learned of some other sources for articles I did not know about previously.


  • Zach Kong

    Reply Reply December 17, 2008

    One important downside about outsourcing your article writing is you may lost the personal touch in your articles.

    When writing your articles you may have your own way of presenting your ideas and information to others. However, when you outsource them out, you lost that uniqueness.

    One way to correct that (if you think that is important to you) is to simply rephrase those articles, some what like you would do to a PLR. Of course, the disadvantage to that is that you will need to spend time and effort in that.

    The other solution is to find a ghostwriter (someone who write your articles for you for a fee) who has the same communication and writing style similar, if not, same as you. After that, just stick on to that ghostwriter.

    Again, there is a downside to that. That ghostwriter may be good at writing and researching on a particular topic but not the others and it takes time and trial and error for you to find someone like that.

  • normz2

    Reply Reply December 18, 2008

    Good topic and very good discussions from the members. The two main keys that I could see were: cheap out sourcing and loading up with key words. I have not really got into this aspect yet. It will go down on my to do list.

  • Geoff Dodd

    Reply Reply December 18, 2008

    Reed, a tiny correction? People keep talking about outsourced articles ‘attracting the search engines and Boosting you to #1 in ranking.’ A tip: anchor (linking) text in the articles or in the bio has to be only 60% the same across all inbound links. Vary it for the remaining 40% of links which point to the same target. That covers link (page) reputation. 60 per cent looks natural. High PR of inbound links is what will result in #1 ranking. So it’s reputation + page rank. Clear?

    Geoff Dodd

  • Shawn Horwood

    Reply Reply December 18, 2008

    Hey Luca,
    I am glad I could help. I love helping others, and I am glad to hear when my comments are appreciated. If you have any questions I am happy to answer them.
    Shawn Horwood

    Shawn Horwoods last blog post..Business Ethics

  • Ron S.

    Reply Reply December 18, 2008


    I just forgot to mention:

    Apart from article writing and copywriting, I as well offer “article submission services” to more than “700 articles directories” for a smart rate anyone can afford.

    The articles will be spun for uniqueness and then submitted. Author accounts created as well.

    The articles will be written for targeting certain keywords or keyword phrases within the search engines.

    1 of these article links from popular articles directories would also be bookmarked in 25 top social bookmarking sites for those particular keywords.

    Thus, the articles will be ranked higher for the targeted keyword within the search engines.

    I am offering a special rate of 3c per word to the readers of “” for article writing which is far less than my normal rates.

    All they got to do is send me a note with “” as the subject line on my email address: info(at) which they can add on their google talk as well.

    Satisfaction is guaranteed. 100%.

    Ron S.
    Skype: WebCopyWriter
    Gtalk: info(at)

  • quality targeted traffic

    Reply Reply December 18, 2008

    Yeah, it is true. If you take proper guidance while you are developing your website, your SEO expert can get traffic to your site very easily. Consider the good keywords which are important in your business and highlight the main keyword, if you can include your keyword in the title. That gives better results, thank you.

  • Nancy Boyd

    Reply Reply December 18, 2008

    Hi Reed,

    I like Mike Lawson’s comment, as it really walks you through the process very clearly.

    While I do outsource some of my tasks, writing is still one that I am holding close for one main reason: I think and express myself in a particular way, and the time it would take to train someone to do this would not be cost effective for me.

    I don’t know any way around that, so for me it’s worth my time to write most of my own stuff.

    Technical matters though? I might hire someone to post or upload what I write for me — or create blogs or web sites. THAT is worth my investment, because I can more easily communicate what I want and have it implemented successfully.


    Nancy Boyds last blog post..Affirming The Elders ~ Every Human Being Has Rights

  • Jussi Koiranen

    Reply Reply December 18, 2008

    I’ve already forgotten most of the original post, though I again enjoyed the conversation it has spun! I like it when you feature authors on this site and I like reading your posts and watch them get commented on. I personally wouldn’t outsource my own writing though I might use featured writers aswell to get someone elses opinion or just extra content 😉

    @ props for Mike Lawson it was very informative and useful comment, I thank you for taking your time to write so long of a comment

  • Pat Gunning

    Reply Reply December 18, 2008

    Great tips Reed and you are so right!

    Many people just don’t have the time or ability to write the type of articles that will help their business and yet they are successful. well this is for them!

    Why not get the push of article marketing without the time requirements?

  • Joy Healey

    Reply Reply December 19, 2008

    For a long time I was reluctant to outsource my article writing, then I gave in and decided to give it a try.

    Although I paid more than the rates you mentioned I tried three authors. Two I wasn’t happy with, so did extensive editing myself (which seemed easier than going backwards and forwards), but I did find one lady I was very pleased to work with and have used her on further projects.

    So my advice would be to try two or three people with small projects first.

  • delords

    Reply Reply January 20, 2009

    Great Post Reed,
    Having good keywords to match your article is very good, i was able to get some of my blogger blogs to rank no 1 in google under some keywords search term. and this have helped in building good traffics to my blogs.

    delordss last blog post..Get Yanik Silver’s 14-Point Web Copy Analysis Free

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