Starting up an online business is hard. It is even harder if you don’t have experience, if you don’t know how things work online.

When you are getting started, you don’t know what to do or where to go. Then you start surfing the Internet, trying to find the information that will help you to move forward.

During this surfing, you find all kinds of stuff – good and bad, but as you are just getting started, you don’t know how to identify which is the right stuff and which is the wrong.

You join newsletters, you start downloading free products, and buying stuff supported by well-worded sales letters. They promise to teach you everything about making money online.

But as most of these products are loaded with useless information that helps you to go nowhere, you keep researching, trying to find the right stuff. You keep downloading and buying things.

By this point, you have accumulated a huge amount of information in your brain. You’re practically overloaded and it is baffling, you get confused and feel disoriented.

As a result of this, you don’t know what to do because a confused mind never accomplishes anything. You try to do things, but all the information you have in your mind blocks and paralyzes you. Nothing is clear, it is all a big mess.

This is a difficult situation to overcome, but it is possible if you know what to do. Here are some good tips…

1.    You have to clear out your brain. You need to throw out all the false information you learned in order to fill your brain with information that really teaches you what to do now.

Unsubscribe from all the newsletters that are not helping you. Show no mercy, just go ahead and do it.

2.    Identify where you are now, what’s your actual position, and what you need to do to move forward.

Identify what is the first logical step you have to take to start moving forward. It could be that you need a website because you don’t have it or that you need an autoresponder, etc.

Once you identify it, start working and focus only on it. Accept no distractions, until you accomplish that step.

3.    Nobody forces you to join newsletters, to download or buy stuff, it is your own  decision and this is your responsibility.

Before downloading or buying any product, ask yourself – do I need it now? Is this product going to help me to move one step ahead?

Most of the time, the answer will be No.  Don’t get it. If you think it can help you in the near future, just bookmark it. Remember that the Internet is changing at a high speed, the newest product today will probably be old tomorrow. People come out with new techniques and strategies everyday.

Download or buy only what is going to help you to move forward now, go through it immediately and put into practice what you’ve learned.

4.    Everyday, at the end of the day, write down the most important thing you have to do tomorrow.

So tomorrow, when you turn on your computer, you start working on it without distraction.

5.    Check your e-mail only 2 or 3 times per day. Checking your e-mail can become a bad habit. It is a secondary task and it is not going to help you to move forward.

Never, ever, ever check your e-mail at the start of your working day because it will waste a lot of time and it will distract you. If you do it, then you are starting your day on someone else’s agenda, which is more likely to hurt your own.

Apply these five steps and let me know the results.

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