There are many software products you can buy to keep scammers from stealing your commissions. You will pay anywhere from fifteen to fifty dollars for this protection. You need to research these products carefully before you buy them.  Is the program effective? Will you be able to understand how to use it? These are the things you should know before you spend your hard earned money.

Banner Servers will code your ad so that the visitor will not be able to see where it is going. Many of them also will do the text ads as well. It does this by making the URL so long that the visitor will not be able to capture it in the time it takes to redirect.

Click tracking software will hide you web link so that the visitor will not see it. It does this by redirecting your links. This is done by a special software or script that you install on your website. It is also a great way to monitor traffic on your site as it will give you detailed reports of your visitors

You need to protect yourself from the many scammers on the internet trying to get your commissions. These people are trying to make a living online by ripping you off. You can prevent it with the right knowledge and tools to do it with.

You don’t have to put up with fraud on the internet. You need to educate yourself and take aggressive steps to prevent it. It happens and it can happen to you. You don’t want to experience the disappointment of making a generous amount of money online only to have it stolen by a hacker.