Today my friend and popular commentator on this blog Jorge Gurza will explain to us why we need to improve our customer service skills so we can make more money online.

The Internet Marketing industry is no doubt one of the best opportunities to achieve financial freedom. However; it is sad to say that it’s also an industry full of predators praying on newcomers or newbies. These predators will promise you the world and are eager to take your money and once they do, the romance and the honeymoon are over.

I am a product owner and developer; but before I ever came up with my own product to offer people, I was, and still sometimes am a consumer. So I have been on both sides and as a consumer for me, there is nothing more demoralizing than buying a product and then be left out there to fend for myself. Of course, in the sales page I am promised top-of-the-line technical support, step-by-step take me by the hand help, and of course, the seller always assures me that he is my friend and that he is totally committed to my success.

Unfortunately, sometimes what I receive is nowhere close to the bold and false promises made by the seller before I said… “I DO” or I took out my credit card. Of course, that always leaves me with a REAL bad feeling of buyer’s remorse and disappointment after the purchase.

So when I decided to offer my own product to the public, I looked for what was missing in the IM industry and pretty consistently I found that people complained about not receiving real personal service and value. Like not receiving answers to their e-mail questions, not being able to get someone on the phone, not being able to receive technical support in a timely manner, etc. The list could go on and on…

As Internet marketers we should consider it an honor and a privilege when people visit our websites, when they sign up to our e-mail list, when they show interest in our product, and of course when they do buy our product. We have a responsibility and we should honor these people because it is just because of them that our own online business will fail or succeed.

How many times have you replied to an e-mail sent from a marketer that goes nowhere, or the return address is a no reply address?
How many times have you looked for a phone number to talk to someone before or after the sale?
How many times have you sent an e-mail with a support question and it never got answered?

The real question here for Internet Marketers is:

How would people answer these questions about you, your service, or your product?

People and consumers out there CRAVE personal service. For example; if people opt in to our e-mail list and they reply to one of our auto responder messages, the least we can do is to honor and acknowledge them by personally replying to their e-mail. Trust me, they WILL appreciate it!

Every day as Internet Marketers we have the opportunity and the choice to provide “extraordinary” personal service and value, we have the opportunity to transform this industry by carrying ourselves with honor, honesty, and integrity.

Jorge Gurza is the owner and developer of EZ Affiliate Website Builder. Discover how to make money online by building affiliate websites; you can get started by downloading the free affiliate website builder