Affiliate marketing has several ways for you to increase your income without giving up the account you currently have. No need to walk away from all that hard work. Most of what you need to learn is easily taught, the techniques are simple. One little secret is available online every single day.

Product recommendation is good way to increase sales in affiliate marketing. Marketers know that product recommendation is actually one of the best tools in promoting specific products.

This approach depends a lot on trust, when your customers trust you; they will trust your recommendations. It is important to be cautious and sparing though, if you are promoting every product under the sun soon your advice will wear thin. Over inflated recommendations and promises will especially hurt your credibility.

Be bold and mention things you do not care for about a product or service. This will keep your recommendation real and more believable. It will not hurt your credibility at all.

A customer who is interested in a product wants to know the good, the bad and the ugly about that product. People are smart enough to realize that most products have a down side and simply want to know in advance.

Before using recommendations there are, a few tips that you need to remember that will make it work more effectively for you.

Act like and sound like a leading expert in the field.

There is an easy equation to remember: Price aversion is reduced in direct proportion to trust. When your potential customers believe that you are the expert in your area, they are more apt to buy from you. On the flip side of course, if you have no confidence or assurance in the product you are promoting they will make a beeline for someone who does, ie… your competition.

Just how do you exude this expertise online? Offer them new and distinctive solutions that are not available elsewhere. Prove what you are promoting does what it claims. Show testimonials and endorsements from well-known and respected people, from related fields.

Stay away from hype, a low confident voice is much better than a shrill screaming one. It will be perceived that you are just screaming loudly to attract attention. Anyway that would be very unprofessional and an image of you, that you do not want customers to have. Calm, cool and collected that is the way you want to appear.

Never make the mistake of thinking people are stupid, because they are not. Some of your potential clients may already know everything you know. With good cold hard facts and knowledge, customers will pay any price you ask for. Don’t have the information and they will pack up and head for your competition who do.

When you recommend a product, it can be helpful to give away promotional freebies. This is not a new concept; people are already familiar with it. Most are not using it to promote their affiliate products. Look for freebies that will offer information on the product or service you are offering.

Always test the product and support your self before you recommend it. Do not fall in the trap of promoting junk. Building trust and credibility with clients is a long slow process that will take just one junky product or service to destroy.

Stick with what you know; when you have total confidence in a product, it will shine through. Try all aspects of a product before your customers purchase it. Support is highly important, the product can be really good but if there is, a small problem and no support to fix it your customers are not going to be happy.

Examine what strategies you are using in affiliate marketing. The recommendations may be off in respect to the product you are offering. Assess your products and focus the correct recommendations on them sometimes a shift in action will make all the difference in success.

Give product recommendation a try and prove that it is a worthwhile avenue for promoting affiliate products.