How to Get Started with ClickBank

Affiliate marketing can be a very rewarding career. It’s easy to get involved and anyone who is willing to put in the necessary work can become a success in this business. Affiliate marketing requires very little in the way of overhead costs; in fact, this is a business which requires almost no budget. Affiliate marketing also gives you the ability to work from home on your own schedule and the flexibility which comes with being self-employed. However, many do fail in this business. In many cases, this is because they failed to educate themselves in some of the essential elements of affiliate marketing success. If you have a website and want to get involved in affiliate marketing, you first need to know where to find an affiliate marketing program which will perform well for you.

Clickbank is probably the best place for you to start. This site will show you the largest affiliate marketing programs in the business. Pay a visit o their site: and get a Clickbank ID. On the home page, click on the “Earn Commissions” link and have a look for products and services which fit well with the content of your website. These products and services are generally ranked in order of popularity.

Clickbank is an affiliate network which acts as an intermediary between merchants and affiliates. This iste provides the necessary technologies to affiliates to promote merchant offers. This network also handles the responsibility of collecting and disbursing commissions from merchants to affiliates. Clickbank gives merchants a large number of affiliates to work with in promoting their products. Clickbank has over 100,000 affiliates who can find prospects for your affiliate marketing program. It makes sense that an increasing number of merchants and affiliates alike are joining up with Clickbank – they make the commission process fair and transparent for all parties involved.

For merchants, it’s also easy to sign up with Clickbank. It’s free to sign up and you’ll have affiliates interested in your program in no time at all. Make a promotional site which gives detailed information about your wares for affiliates to link to. You should also provide customers and prospects with detailed technical support information for your products. Clickbank will let affiliates find your program and sell it to potential customers, provide customer support and best of all, give you real-time sales information (this information is also available to your affiliates, who also find it useful in better promoting your products or services).Clickbank will also handle sending you and your affiliates a biweekly paycheck.

If you’re interested in becoming a Clickbank affiliate, you’ll find it easy to become involved. You’ll have to put a link on their site and sign up for a Clickbank ID if you do not already have one. Once you have signed up, you will then have access to a number of marketing tools provided by Clickbank which can help you to increase sales – once selecting these, you will then get your affiliate links.

Joining Clickbank is as easy as that – but being a Clickbank super affiliate is a little more difficult. You’ll need to be able to sell a lot of products for merchants. You’ll also need to become an expert in search engine optimization, link exchanges, email and newsletter marketing and many other marketing methods which can help you to sell more merchant products and services.

One of the ways to be successful in affiliate marketing is to create a website which is full of well written, useful content and to embed your affiliate links in your content. The idea here is to provide visitors to your site with content which they will find interesting. Don’t try to sell with this content – that’s the job of the sales page which you’ll direct them to. The most important thing to do at first is to attract an audience. You should promote more than one affiliate program, but don’t make the mistake of promoting too many. Just pick a few which are relevant to the content of your website and give them plenty of attention. Once you have created good content and gotten things started, you can automate much of the work and begin to set your sites on a new venture. That’s right – automation is the secret to becoming a super affiliate.

You’ll need to spend a lot of time keeping up to date on developments in the field. This will keep you on top of the market trends and make you ready to take advantage of current conditions. It can be tough to become a Clickbank super affiliate, but you can do it if you are willing to work hard and stick with it.

Persistence and being willing to learn are the traits which will get you there. Keep an eye on your statistics so that you can fine tune your marketing campaigns based on what is working for you and what is not.

Remember that success isn’t going to come overnight. And you won’t become a success without putting in a lot of work yourself. Sooner than you may think, the profits will start rolling in. If you are willing to put in the necessary effort, then you can make a killing in affiliate marketing.


  • Bruno Auger

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    I totally agree Reed
    Affiliate marketing can be very rewarding as long as you take the time, effort and dedication to make anything happen. I think a lot look at the short term and think they will make lots of money quickly but its never the case.
    Focus on building it slowly and steadily and you’ll have long term success

    Bruno Augers last blog post..Internet Marketing with Affiliate Landmines

  • Hilal

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    Hi Matt

    You said:

    For merchants, it’s also easy to sign up with Clickbank. It’s free to sign up and you’ll have affiliates interested in your program in no time at all. Make a promotional site which gives detailed information about your wares for affiliates to link to.

    But what I know is CB set $50/year for merchants as fees to sell their products through click bank.

    Please let me know, are they changed their rules about the fees?

    Thank you


  • Mohamed Akram

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    WOW Reed.. Everytime you give a post better than another .. I really like your posts and wish you more and more success in your life..

    Mohamed Akram

  • Hilal

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    Sorry Reed!

    sorry about the name!

  • Rick Falls

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    Good stuff.

    I like the tools that clickbank has too.

    I think it can be especially helpful if you target a niche you have passion for.

    As you develop your own products (which can even be a variation of what’s already there) you can be generating income.

    The only thing I see wrong with this advice is it’s a year later than I could have used it.

    Thanks Reed


    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    I am very grateful to be among of your follower in the affiliate marketing. I will be very delightful to have success like you on this business. I am in Nigeria presently working with Macmillan Nigeria Publishing Company the pace setter in publishing. I need your support on being great in this business.

    RAJI AYOBAMI AKEEMs last blog post..google36d3a1607b930e2d.html

  • I like Clickbank too, but it is a very good point you make in saying people shouldn’t recommend too many products in one go.

    It is important to maintain credibility and if people will implement your fine tips they could begin earning quite a bit of money. 🙂

    Henrik Blunck – Denmarks last blog post..A Very Thought-Provoking Story


    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    Peoples can visit this

    RAJI AYOBAMI AKEEMs last blog post..google36d3a1607b930e2d.html

  • Peter

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    Hallo Reed,
    for ,the first time since I started to comment on your site, I can fully agree upon the content. Also the hint to automate and write the best content you can. What I don’t understand is a sentence that is falling out of the context This you have to explain. My opinion is to drive readers to the page with content and sale and don’t have bla bla salespage to make the kill,


    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    Hi Reed
    It is realy easy to join clickbank and free too. Services are great There custemer service representatives are helpful and cooperative.Great place to start with.It made affiliate marketing easy to operate and taking few minutes to sign up
    Tripti soni

  • Nayanika

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    Hi Reed

    Great Read on the use of clickbank. Affiliate marketing can be very rewarding as long as you take the time, effort and dedication to make anything happen. I think a lot look at the short term and think they will make lots of money quickly but its never the case.
    Focus on building it slowly and steadily and you’ll have long term success.

    I have to get a good website with good content and make a good newsletter too..lot of todo’s..the point at hand is to get started…

    thanks son..u r doing a great job!!!


  • Jay

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    ClickBank is filled with “how to” digital downloads–on a multitude of subjects from dog problems to people search.
    Some of the affiliate merchants really go a long way to provide you with follow up emails and banners or articles to get you moving. The best even give you a keyword list. These people know what works.
    Always consider the “gravity” rating as the number measures the degree a program has paid out commissions. Take time to study the tips that ClickBank gives you. It will help you find a winner!
    For more on affiliate program profits, check out my blog, too.

    Jays last blog post..Time to Get Serious about Your Internet Business

  • tmobil8

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    Greetings Reed, Thomas Richmond here, being a clickbank affiliate for almost 5 years i have seen in the past year there have been more newbie taking advantage of this easy affiliate program, its all laid out for you and you can also sell your own products much like Paydotcom’s Mikes site but with lesser of a payment scale for upgrades. Both free but as you know in order to make the kind of money you want you must give as well. Till Next time 🙂

  • Brian Carelse

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    hi Reed,

    Many a newbie has started out believing that he will make millions by promoting a product. Many a newbie has gone back to work in the real world disilusioned.

    The Truth is that you have to work hard at developing your niche market. Your niche market will be receptive to the kinds of products that appeal to the niche.

    Don’t signup for everything seeing nothing but dollars. Look at the gravity of the program, less than 120 means this is not working great.

    Your customized marketing solution is to market to people who are looking for the product. Don’t try to trick them into buying the product. Use the existing sales material and add a few personal comments, if they are true, and your affiliate link. Your link should be descriptive of whatever is being sold. Not just your affiliate link, the link should say what is in it for them.

    Choose products wisely, you are applying to become a sales person for that product, and if it does not tie in with your existing bag of products, you will struggle to sell it.

    Creating a landing page for a product with its sales letters benefits and trapping the email will do just great.

    Then you can promote the product properly to the person via e-mail. Choose related plr products and rewrite them to promote your affiliate link.

    Be sure the search engines find you so target the keyterms carefully.

    If you contact me or email we can talk.

    The internet can be a great place to market your products or services. AFFILIATE PROGRAMS must fit in with it.

    Marketing are best done automatically which is why I wrote The Revolutionary Internet Marketing System – it markets your products to everyone who sends you and email on auto pilot.

    Happy marketing –

    brian Carelse
    author of The Revolutionary Interntet marketing System and The E-Mail Butler.

  • Samuel

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    thanks reed, you made good and detail explaination on click bank, but my issue is that is it accepted for dummies who want to know more on affiliate.

    thanks all the same,

  • joes

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    Helloo reed, well I agree with everyword you say but I want to comment on a little point even its not on your issue, I have been searching for other then clickbank because I dont have clickbank in my country so I dont think I get get with them is their a solution for that? Is their another sites for promoting to getting in affliate programs?

    anyone can answer 😀

  • TeasasTips

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    I got my affiliate feet wet using ClickBank. Very good affiliate program especially for newbies.

    TeasasTipss last blog post..Listen First, Talk Later

  • Wayne Bell

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    Your absolutely right on Reed, Clickbank is a great place for beginners or even us not so new Newbies. My wife and I started with Clickbank over five years ago and have never looked back, For the best portal online for Clickbank affiliate marketers is the Pro2 Income System at:>
    The program is run by Ron and Rick Davies, two of the best marketers online. They offer awesome support and are always willing to share their expertise with others.

    Regards – Wayne

  • Akpofure

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    Thank you for this link . It sure shows that you really want me to make real cash online but right now ,i don’t have a credit card to make online payments. thanks all the the same.

  • Brad Pollina

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    Great post! Lots of informative advice. Thanks Reed!

  • Rodrigo

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    To: joes
    I am in the same situation, ClickBank does not covers South America. But there is a way, using services of U.S mail box, like I still have not tried it.

  • Brad Pollina

    Reply Reply October 23, 2008

    TeasasTips, how did you get the box to appear around “TeasasTipss last blog post..Listen First, Talk Later”

  • Frank

    Reply Reply October 24, 2008

    yes reed, i really want to sign up for clickbank account, problem is it seems not available in our country Philippines as it is not included in its list of different countries. when will clickbank available in our country reed?

    Franks last blog post..Shield De Luxe Antivirus

  • David

    Reply Reply October 24, 2008

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a Newbie!! Will Clickbank give me a free Affiliate Web Site to promote their products as I do not have my own site ?

    If you can help me to get started please email me on ….

    That will be very appreciated

    Thanks, Sincerely, David

  • curt

    Reply Reply October 24, 2008

    I have never used clickbank, but will look into it…I love my company waiora.. for a 4 year old company, should do 50 million in sales this year…..check it out, i am looking for some one in almost every city, we are that wide open..dr curt

  • Timothy Millar

    Reply Reply October 24, 2008

    Hey Reed, Another Great post,Clickbank rocks!
    but one thing you did not mention is that people
    should cloak their affiliate id from clickbank
    in order to stop the commission thieves from
    taking their hard earned money. Clickbank is probably the biggest target for these people
    because clickbank is the largest service for
    affiliate sales. Have a wondeful Day, Timothy

    Timothy Millars last blog post..Getting your Traffic from Ad Exchanges?

  • PV Reymond

    Reply Reply October 24, 2008

    Hi Reed,

    You gave the right direction.

    Clickbank is very easy to use and you can find products related to almost every single niche.

    To me, Clickbank is the affiliate network that all beginners should use in order to get their feet wets and to start learning how all this works.

    ^PV Reymond


    Reply Reply October 24, 2008

    Oga mi,
    I could not get Nigeria on the lists of country listed on clickbank website. Why? and how could I register. You can put me through on this.

    RAJI AYOBAMI AKEEMs last blog post..google36d3a1607b930e2d.html

  • Lon Naylor

    Reply Reply October 24, 2008

    One small tidbit about getting your product approved. I found this out the hard way with my product at…

    Use the word “YouTube” anywhere on your pitch page and get rejected immediately. They did let me fix it and get approved but just so you are aware. My guess is that other trademarked names might also cause them heartburn??

    Lon Naylor

  • James and Helen

    Reply Reply October 24, 2008

    Reed we learned a lot from you and from Click Bank which we use Click Bank and will continue to learn. We continue to read what you send out. James and Helen

  • Stan

    Reply Reply October 24, 2008

    To JOES:
    I am signed up With Clickbank, but have’nt started marketing yet. But I believe that if you have a computer and access to the internet, you should be able to connect to Clickbank. There may be a possibility that they may not let people from some countries market on Clickbank, but I have never heard of it. What country are you from?? Maybe someone else has the answer to that question?? Good Luck!! Stan

  • normz2

    Reply Reply October 25, 2008

    Click Bank is a good starting point for affiliate marketing. Make sure that your links are cloaked, so your commissions are not scammed. You can copy some of their copy with the link. I like Commission Junction as they supply you with banners. There are some others that will go as far as to give you a landing page. Some of the clients will give you almost weekly updates. I prefer to work with them. It probably a good thing to offer the customer a bonus if they come back to you with a proof of purchase.

  • delords

    Reply Reply October 25, 2008

    Clickbank is a good place to start affiliate marketing as the products in the marketplace are in high demands,combining the strategies of clickbank and google adwords will bring good success for anyone.

  • admin

    Reply Reply October 25, 2008

    @Bruno long term success is what we all should be after thanks for bringing that up.

    @Hilal I think the rules are still the same

    @Mohamed thanks

    @Rick you’re welcome

    @Raji you can find more articles that would help you on this blog

    @Henrick thanks as they continue to earn and learn I think it will be wonderful for them and have an impact on my bottom line as well 🙂

    @Raji I visited but I don’t know what you wanted…

    @Peter the reason we send people to sales pages like that is because they work

    @Tripti thanks

    @Nayanika if I were to pick one of those I’d pick the newsletter option

    @Jay great tips

    @Thomas thanks, I agree there are a lot more people new to this then 5 years ago.

    @Brian good tips

    @Samuel as long as you live in a country that clickbank is ok with you should be able to sign up

    @joes you might try instead

    @TeasesTips agreed

    @Wayne can you limit your links to the one in your name? I have no problem with you linking to an offer but seems just about every post has some link to something.

    @Akpofure can you get a paypal account?

    @Brad you’re welcome

    @Rodrigo interesting never heard of that company keep us posted on it

    @Brad that’s actually on my end. If you link to a blog my blog should be able to grab what your last post is and post it up here automatically giving you more traffic

    @Frank sorry I do not know you’ll need to ask ClickBank

    @David you’ll be able to link to other people’s sites with your affiliate link and get credit for the sales

    @Curt can you link to your affiliate links in your name instead of in the post please? Also that comment was very spammy please refrain from that or I will disable your access

    @Timothy thanks for mentioning that yes cloaking your links is highly recommended.

    @PV agreed you can learn a lot marketing clickbank products + I’ve always gotten paid from them…

    @Raji you’ll need to ask clickbank

    @Lon very interesting, I could easily see that being the case

    @James & Helen glad to hear thanks

    @Stan I believe joes problem is a country one like you stated

    @normz2 good tips

    @delords agreed you can have a lot of success with this.

  • Jussi Koiranen

    Reply Reply October 29, 2008

    This was great info about Clickbank… I’ve never gotten well acquinted with it.

  • admin

    Reply Reply October 30, 2008

    @Jussi thanks

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