Affiliate marketing involves the merchant paying a percentage of the revenue received from their sales resulting from the promotion of their services and products by the affiliate marketer.

These days, due to its cost efficiency, affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing industries and works extremely well for both parties involved.  There is also the opportunity for other players like the affiliate solutions provider and the affiliate networks to benefit too.

As far as the merchant is concerned, the biggest gain is the fact that his products or services are made available to a much wider market which in turn increases the potential earning capacities.  It is in the interest of the merchant to get as many affiliates as he can and in this way he can expect even more sales to be generated.

Much valuable time, effort and money will be saved by the merchant when he has affiliates promoting what he has on offer instead of having to find new customers himself.   The affiliate marketer stands to receive an income for each and every customer clicking on the link on his website when this referral results in a sale.

Here are three steps to follow if you would like to be a part of the growing multitude of affiliate marketers with an infinite possibility of income.

1.  Find something of interest to you that you are passionate about and focus on a part of this interest that you have knowledge on.  This ensures you give your best when showing your visitors of your expertise in this particular field.  You will gain their trust and they will be encouraged to purchase the products you are endorsing.

2.  Carry out a search for merchants who offer products and services in connection with your interest and then develop a website with extremely reliable hosting and a top level domain name.  The conversion rate and the structure of the commission to be paid needs to be considered when you choose which products you want to promote on your website.  There are numerous affiliate networks and affiliate solution providers where information on the products offering the most profits and the merchants who pay the best rates are available for you to look at.   It is vital that you research this thoroughly and take your time in making the right choice.

3.  Once you have made these choices and created your own website you are ready to promote the goods.  There will be a need for creativity and flexibility on your part along with a willingness to take on board new ideas.  The money you have always dreamed about earning will soon be reality and you are certain to be enjoying every aspect of your affiliate marketing career.