Now is the time to dig up all those creative writing skills for writers and non-writers alike.

Information based marketing is one of the oldest and effective methods of driving targeted viewers to sites and converting them into clients, it runs hand in hand with modern communication technology. This is why article writing, publications and submissions are so popular.

There are various tools available to make the process of distributing your article much easier. However, even if they are invaluable for content exposure, this is only half the story.

Here you will find a few of the common mistakes made by some individuals before they ever submit their content to various article directories.

1. Confusing the reason to promote with the reason to write the articles.

There are 3 key benefits in article writing promotion, they are branding, promoting and lead generation. These are all part of your optimization efforts.

However, there is just one reason why you write articles, which is to pass on information to your readers. When an article does not focus on this important and primary purpose, it will fail in achieving the 3 promotional benefits above, since no one will find them interesting enough to read.

First you will need to determine how to get readers for your article and them convince them to click your resource box link. To do this you must produce better content.

2. Failing to optimize the promotional opportunities of article marketing.

Sure, you may understand that your articles can aid you in generating more links back to your website. However, do you know that you can entice more visitors as well as better search engine results from that very same article?

You must mention specific keywords in deliberate places. However, you must not overdo them. There are some who use anchor texts, which is also effective, however, it is essential to understand that most of the directories online cannot support them.

It is not all about linking back to your website, since part of succeeding in article marketing is being picked up by publishers who have large audiences and gaining the ability leverage other brands, because your work is so good. There are greater benefits in better search engine results.

However, this is not so profitable, since there are other aspects that can turn your article marketing efforts into a better opportunity, thereby boosting your profits. Rather than just increasing your online traffic.

Begin with a plan to ensure your articles serve the function you have intended them to do.

3. Publishing irrelevant content is not helpful.

Perhaps you have considered that the process of writing articles are only for linking back to your website, while any visitor it generates is just fine and dandy.

You know what? Not all article directories and banks will automatically accept your content. More than likely, they have specific guidelines for the article they accept.

When you write articles that directories will share with other individuals, you can double the number of websites you can submit to. Did you know that all it takes is one publisher with a multitude of readers to increase your potential reader over night?

If you want your article marketing to work effectively, write the type of articles that publishers do want. You must obey the standard guidelines, do your research on a good subject, or hire a writer to produce your content and use spell check.

Of course, it is a personal choice, you can either get little exposure from your link backs on a basic level or you can enjoy massive exposure by taking the time to create quality content.

It is up to you. Did you know that an article submitted in directories is not intended to have the same level of exposure as highly targeted content, geared towards a much narrow group of individuals?

When you learn the difference between the two, it will assist you understanding the kinds of articles you should be writing and submitting.