The objective of this post is to inspire you and to encourage you to push hard to the front so that you never give up. With that said, let’s get started…

We all have two sides, which fight each other. One focuses on advancing, while the other wants to stay in place, even to go back. To succeed, we need to concentrate on the one that helps us move forward. That’s the one that should be in control.

Your will decides the issue. Using it, you can change your whole life and put success on the action plan. You can do it, you just need to get the right side of your nature in charge.

You are the director of your life, everything you do is up to you. Your choices depend on what you’ve been taught and what you’ve learned. Your will takes all that and leads you along a certain life’s path.
You choose which side wins and controls you. What you do is pick whether your will focuses on success or on being lazy and doing nothing.

We’ve all read good books and articles and, at the end, felt that they haven’t helped. But those things do let us know what is possible and present us with a decision – to act or do nothing.

Learning about how to succeed doesn’t help if you don’t use what you’ve learned to accomplish things and make your own way. Get started, learn how to make things work, and use that information to reach your goals.

Everything you do adds up and plenty of opportunities are offered for improvement. You just have to take advantage of them to accomplish things. Start at the beginning of each day by checking to see what you’ve done, if your expectations aren’t met, things haven’t occurred, work on them. Get them done before you try for something else.

Find out why you haven’t progressed, why that goal wasn’t reached, and get it done, using any means necessary. Not reaching a goal doesn’t mean you should stop, just try harder, time may be lost, but that is expendable.

Working harder to get something finished just makes the accomplishment more sweet. In addition, more is learned, as you stretch and expand your knowledge and belief in yourself.

Remember, to succeed, you must always improve. Where you are or what you’re doing doesn’t matter. Just learn, focus on what you can do, don’t think about what you can’t manage, that is always changing. You’ll become a hustler, always getting things finished.

You’ll be at the top if you do all the work and take all the risks. You’ll have learned and grown, while those who didn’t take those steps will be left behind, those who don’t try don’t win the roses and achieve success.

They aren’t put in positions of power and responsibility.

Working hard and trying shows you can get things done properly. You have to focus on things and do the work for anything to be accomplished. That leads to success and things well done.

Those who have succeeded struggled to get there, they did difficult things. Experiments fail, injuries are received, and criticism is faced. Their victories are achieved after many failures and hardships.

To be a success, that is what you must go through. Fight, learn, try, fail. You’ll pick up all you need to learn to reach your goals and be a success.

Everybody wants to succeed, but only those who make the effort and do the necessary work will make it. Set your heart on success and concentrate on achieving your goals. Work at developing the habits needed to make your life what you want it to be like…

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^PV Reymond

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