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Today, I am going to talk about a topic, “Affiliate Marketing Goals” which many affiliate marketers are so familiar with but yet missed it all together. Goal setting is really nothing new to all of us. One group of marketers knows it but do not set one. Another group set theirs but fails to meet them. Yet, a handful of
marketers are able to meet them and achieve huge success. Why and how can we learn from those who are able to meet their goals?

Naturally, without a goal, there are no results to talk about. If you do not set a goal, you do not set a plan. Without a proper plan in the affiliate marketing game, failure is a sure thing.

As for those who set goals but fail to achieve them, there are many reasons possible. A common problem that plagues folks is the constant changing of goals. Some include getting distracted easily by the hottest affiliate marketing technique, not following through on a proven marketing model long enough or simply giving it up too fast too soon. The truth is many affiliates are successful today because they have gone through the grinding mill before they finally got the “Aha” moment.

I am sure you can quote a thousand other reasons why most people, whether online or offline fail to meet their goals.

While circumstances do force us at times to fail at achieving our goals, by setting a goal and following a plan strictly, we will minimize the impact of the circumstances on our affiliate marketing goals.

The Mindset Of A Successful Affiliate Marketer

Having A Vision That You Believe In

A successful affiliate marketer ought to have a vision. Without a vision, men perish. The vision can be to start an internet marketing academy or one day teach at major internet marketing seminars around the world alongside with the top gurus in the field. That’s my dream by the way! This vision must be something
you believe in.

From the vision, this is where you set your goals. Goals are effectively the milestones that help you to fulfil your vision. They are not the end but means to an end.

For example, if you envisage yourself becoming the guru everyone looks towards on the topic of “list building”, surely, one goal is to build the largest list ever or another could be to publish the most number of ebooks on the topic of “list building”.

Visions Can Be Huge, But Goals Need Not

The truth is, many folks start off setting huge goals which are way beyond them. It is quite common to hear people saying that they want to make 1 million dollars by 35 years old. My next question to
them is how?

You see, while you can have a long-term goal of making 1 million dollars by 35 years old, it is good to break that down. You see, Man lose focus all the time, especially when the goal is too far

“$10 a Day Principle”

One principle I teach my internet marketing mentee is this. Set a long term goal and break it down to simpler goals. This is what I call the $10 a day principle.

If you want to earn $3000 per month by the end of the year, break that down to making $1500 in 6 months time. Break that down further to $750 in 3 months time …and $250 within this month. Set a challenge to increase the figure by $250 a month. Surely that looks achievable right?

From $250 a month, break it down and all you need to earn is about
$10 a day.

So, focus on doing things that can make you the $10 a day. Look at how you can grow that by another $10 a day to $20 a day in the following month.

This is the simple principle that got my mentee to achieve his low 4-figure income within 10 months. He is a recent father who has a full-time job and only has 2 to 3 hours a day to spare.

Now, it may not sound like it is a lot, but the truth is such a simple principle works. It has for many people including me.

Why don’t you start trying it yourself and see how it works for you?

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