You will, no doubt, have seen the far too many to mention affiliate programs available who claim to be the best of all.  Quite a few of them put the idea in your head that all you need to do is display their banners and links and then sit back and wait for the dollars to come rolling in.  This can be true but more often than not it relates to large sites with a great deal of web traffic.

How to Choose Banners

You are likely to be offered a selection of banners to put on your website with most affiliate programs and the reason for this is that very few of them will be at all effective.  Size is a big problem as far as banners are concerned and if you opt for one which is high, a long time will be taken to implement and use the banner. It is best, therefore, to stick to banners under 15kb.

Keep the theme of your website in your mind when you choose kinds of graphical advertising.  Graphical advertisements are intended to stand out and catch the attention of the visitor but they should not over shadow everything else on the page.

Pop Ups and Unders

Many companies now offer the opportunity to use pop up or pop under ads to their affiliates.  However, quite a few visitors become annoyed by pop ups and close them before they even get the chance to load so they are rendered useless.   Instead, pop unders or those ads which only appear once per visit should be used as an alternative.

Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads are one of the most successful ways of advertising.  They do not take up much space, are easy on bandwidth, and can be simply implemented into most kinds of page layout.    Reasons why your visitors should look further at your offers are usually included in good text links.

Email Advertising

Promotion in a direct way by email has become more and more popular over the last few years even though huge amounts of spam have resulted from this method of advertising.  If you intend to use this way of making people aware of your products, it is important that you make yourself available to answer any queries or questions which may arise.


There is nothing to stop you contacting and negotiating with companies you feel your site could generate great sales for.  However, you should remember these companies are approached by many affiliates on a daily basis attempting to find better deals, so it is important to be patient if they do not appear to be as enthusiastic as you are from the start.

Companies are aware that in many cases affiliates cannot come up with what they promise and this makes them a little hesitant to say the least.

Setting up advertising takes does not happen quickly so you should give it a little time to work before making any other type of decision.  It may not occur over night but hang in there for a couple of weeks or months and you could be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.