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Web hosting has become a much bigger business than it once was. With more and more companies and individuals alike getting on the web and building websites, there is an unprecedented demand for web hosting services; this trend shows no sign of slowing.
In 2005 alone, more than 38 million people created their first websites. By the end of 2008, this will be one of the largest businesses in the world; and a lot of these new sites will be part of the affiliate marketing industry.
This explosion in the availability of web hosting services means that it is far easier than it used to be to find a web host which meets your needs. For most people looking into web hosting services, customer support is the most important concern. It is a given that with more and more business happening online that traditional means of advertising will become less effective. A lot of people decide on a web hosting service provider based on the information available to them, especially the recommendations of those who have used the services of a given company themselves.
For web hosting affiliates, there is a great opportunity to take advantage of here. There are a lot of different web hosting affiliate programs out there; finding one which appeals to you should be an easy task.

So how can you become a successful affiliate in the web hosting niche market? Anyone who has or is planning to build a website needs webhosting; making web hosting an easy product for you to sell. Right now, there is no one dominant force in the industry, so most choose web hosts on the strength of recommendations. They will usually get these recommendations from people they know who have tried out a given web hosting service.
With so many web hosting companies offering affiliate programs, there is certain to be one which meets your criteria for an affiliate program.
If you have a web hosting service you are happy with, ask if they have an affiliate program. Rather than paying them for web hosting, try to get them to pay you to promote their service. You may be able to do this as easily as just placing a “powered by” or “hosted by” link on your site. After all, if you can avoid paying for web hosting, why wouldn’t you? You can even make some money by telling your visitors that you think your hosting company is great.

When looking for a web host, look for the same thing everyone else does – excellent customer support. There’s a lot of web hosting affiliate programs out there; you can even find residual affiliate programs, where you are paid each month for the clients which you refer to the hosting company. This can give you a steady revenue stream and with some work, this can be a substantial income.

Web hosting is just one example of a niche market which affiliates can do well in if they have the confidence in their own abilities and the drive to succeed. Keep in mind that you will need to invest some hard work and be patient in order to be successful; but stick with it and the results can be very rewarding.
There is really no such thing as the perfect affiliate market; but there may be the perfect affiliate market for you if you are willing to seek it out and out in the necessary work to succeed.