Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways of starting up a web based business – you don’t have to deal with customers, handle refunds, worry about product research and development, technical support or anything else – you don’t even necessarily have to have your own website (though this is recommended).

If you’re already signed up for an affiliate program, what should you do next? You probably want to increase your commissions – but how?

Here’s some great tips to increasing your affiliate commissions overnight.

1. Decide on the best products to promote. A program which lets you market for a product with a lot of demand behind it will allow you to earn profits quickly.

When trying to choose a program, consider the commission structure, whether the product will fit the interests of your target market and the track record of the merchant – are they known for paying affiliates in full and in a timely manner? If the program you are involved in is not helping you to increase your profits, then look for a better one.

With literally thousands of different affiliate programs to choose from, you can afford to be choosy. Pick the best program for you to maximize the return on your investment of time and effort.

You can write ebooks and reports to distribute on your website. Since you will likely be in competition with other affiliate promoting the same program, having free information to offer will distinguish you from your competitors.

These reports and ebooks will help build your credibility and draw traffic by giving away useful information. Your enhanced credibility will make prospective customers more likely to purchase the products and services you endorse – especially if you recommend them in your books and reports.

2. Get contact information from those who download your free offerings. People rarely make a purchase on the first contact; you may need to communicate with prospects as many as seven times before they make a purchase. Get those email addresses and keep in touch.

You should make a point of getting this contact information before sending prospects off to the merchant site; otherwise, you may never hear from then again and lose out on potential future profits!

Having their contact information lets you communicate your marketing messages to them whenever you have a new product or service to promote. It can’t be stressed enough; get those email addresses and you will make a larger revenue from your affiliate marketing efforts.

Consider publishing an ezine or newsletter. You can much more easily sell to someone you have established a relationship with. Your subscribers will come to see you as a credible voice whose recommendations can be trusted.

You must strike a balance between selling and informing your prospects. Be sure not to come off too strong. Providing good, useful information is a far more effective means of selling than is a sales pitch.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for a higher rate of commission. If you are a high performing affiliate, there’s no reason not to try to negotiate a higher commission from the merchant.

A savvy merchant will more than likely grant your request rather than losing you as a marketing tool, especially if you have been effective. You are a no-risk investment to them, so go ahead and ask for a higher rate; just keep it within reason.

Write strong pay Per Click ads. PPC search engines are on of the best means of online advertising. Affiliates can make a little extra money just by managing their PPC campaigns through Google AdWords and Overture. These have the advantage that you can check on their progress and fine tune them for better performance.

Try out the strategies given here and see the difference they can make to the size of your commission check very quickly.