In the highly competitive world of online business, the most important element to your success is to get as many visitors as possible to your website. Driving traffic to your site is the only way your business will survive. A high search engine ranking is what your site needs, but can be difficult to achieve.

Luckily, there are a lot of different strategies you can employ to get more traffic to your site.    From paid advertising to recruiting affiliate marketers to bring in traffic, there are a lot of possibilities. Most of these methods require payment; but there are ways to drive traffic without spending a dime. One of the best ways to increase traffic is by writing articles. How can writing articles improve your web based business? Read on for seven ways to increase your business by writing articles.

1.Reach more people

If you write good articles, you should share them with the world. You can put your articles on your site and submit them to directories for publication in newsletters, ezines and other websites. This gives you more exposure for your articles and can bring in more traffic for your site – you can include a link to your site in the resource box. You can drive a lot of traffic by having your articles out there. People turn to the web for information and if you can provide it to them, they will likely want to visit your site.

2.Free Advertising

Getting your articles onto other sites gives you free exposure for your website. While you should avoid using your articles to make a pitch, You should always make a point of including a link to your site in the resource box. By writing informative and entertaining articles, you are building a good reputation for your site, which is far more effective than conventional advertising in many cases. Articles give you a valuable opportunity to pre-sell your wares to prospective customers.

3.Gain High Search Engine Rankings

Make a new page on your website for your articles. You should include keywords in your article so they will be search engine optimized. Once your new content has been uploaded, it will soon be indexed by the search engines, boosting your search engine ranking. Keep in mind that producing SEO content is the key to success in online business.
4.Increases Link Popularity

Rather than trying to build reciprocal links, just submit your articles to other sites; one way links are more important for establishing link popularity. Make your articles as high quality as you can to make sure it is as widely published as possible.

5.Optimizes your site for improved search engine ranking

Making sure that your website is full of the right keywords can go a long way towards increasing your site’s search engine ranking. Keyword density is very important to your search engine ranking, so make sure to work keywords into content which is informative, well written and useful to your target market.

6.Establishes a Good Impression and Reputation

Interesting and relevant articles will help gain exposure for your website and establish you as a credible source of information. This will both encourage more visitors to your site and make people more likely to make purchases based on your recommendations.

7.Enhances your credibility through references and testimonies

When you publish your articles in newsletters, ezines and other websites, they will get feedback and testimonials. Use the positive feedback as a promotional tool for your website and in your advertising campaigns. These testimonials are great for building your reputation and will make a good impression on prospective customers. If you can write useful, relevant and original content, you are sure to grow your business and create a large base of loyal customers.